Stimuli to children's reading

Stimuli to children's reading

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We all know that the habit of reading It is a great stimulus to creativity, imagination, intelligence and the verbal and concentration skills of children. Likewise, we are also aware that books, stories, fables or poems They should be present in children's daily lives, in the same way as their toys.

How we can arouse a baby's interest in books. Reading from the first year of life of children.

The book offers countless benefits for children. Books are important, but the act of reading, if possible every day, is what will take your child to this exquisite corner that is the adventure of knowing, knowing and discovering. In addition, if parents share the moment of reading a book with their children, they will be establishing a special bond between both parties.

The interest in reading should be instilled in a baby from the cradle and try, with persistence and dedication, to make it a habit. It is essential for children to learn to seek knowledge through reading from an early age. Children must hear stories as soon as possible. It is also recommended that they do it with discipline, that is, having a fixed time a day to do it, that it becomes a habit. It could be at bedtime, or after lunch. It is not necessary to wait for a child to read so that he can have contact with books.

There's book for all ages. Books with only images, so that parents can indicate the name of each image and make the baby repeat it, there are books with vocabularies, that is, in addition to the image, it also has the name below it, so that the baby visualize the letters and words. And books with text and illustrations for children who already know how to read. Parents should value the reading time of their children. Value and diversify topics by talking about them with the children, favoring all kinds of books, whatever the material (fabric, cardboard, plastic, etc.), and valuing the time that children spend reading.

The benefits of the book for children are incalculable and for a lifetime. It leads the child to want to read, to seek knowledge, to enter the world of art, drawing and images through illustrations. Increase your listening skills, develop your critical sense, increases the variety of experiences, and creates alternatives of fun and pleasure for him. By the way, the child learns to easily convert words into ideas, imagines what he has not seen and makes it possible for him to dive into the character's emotional situation, testing sensations such as danger, mystery ...

The child amuses himself or cries through the books. Apart from this, the child learns common values. The child develops consciences knowing himself, forming criteria, not to mention that it helps him to write and to relate better socially. has prepared a range of information for parents on how to awaken children's interest in books:

Tricks to teach reading. Strategies to teach children to read in a faster way, with more rhythm and at the same time understand what is read. Speed ​​reading techniques for children. 6 tips for children to learn to read faster. Learning to read is one of the skills that most favor children's oral expression, knowledge and vocabulary.

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Advantages of reading aloud. Reading aloud contributes to a child's emotional development and lays the foundation for their ability to communicate. The benefits that reading and reading aloud bring to the child are multiple. The habit of reading should be encouraged from a very young age, reading aloud has benefits for the child's learning. Advantages of reading aloud to the child.

Methods for learning to read. There are several methods for children to learn to read in one language, and we will also use these methods to teach a second or third language to the child. The synthetic method is the traditional method, but there are also other methods such as the analytical method also known as global and the Glenn Doman method, whose excellent results are already recognized throughout the world.

How to play with books. A book is also a great play tool, and as such, it has to be present in a child's life from birth. our site has found some ideas to play with books.

Reading for children from 0 to 3 years old. It seems incredible that a child of 1, 2 or 3 years old likes to read. But it is possible. A baby of these ages can enjoy reading and become fond of reading. And even taking an exaggerated attachment to a specific story and asking for it again and again, to the despair of the adult. We give you some tips to create a reading habit in children from 0 to 3 years old.

Reading for children from 3 to 6 years old. Between 3 and 6 years of age, the child is experiencing a very important stage of learning: he is preparing to learn to read and write, and is taking his first steps in reading. How to encourage regular reading habits in him?

Reading for children from 6 to 10 years old. It is a good time to attend to the variety that children demand by looking for what they like, not only with books, but also with magazines. They offer in the same issue different themes, different approaches, photographs of exceptional quality and very varied illustrations, at the level of the best illustrated books.

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