How to stimulate chewing in babies

How to stimulate chewing in babies

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Learning to chew can be very difficult for some children, many of whom reach school age without wanting to eat anything solid. This can lead to small adjustment problems at school, especially if they are going to eat out, in addition to being the subject of continuous comparisons with other children of the same age who already eat everything.

Your child's first year is a time of great change in the way they eat. Great patience and dedication are required to ensure that the child successfully progressively adapts to new flavors, textures and ways of eating.

Normally it is recommended to start eating non-ground foods from one year of age, but learning and training can begin a few months earlier. Teeth coming out is a good time to offer some solid food under our watchful eye. A piece of bread from the day before (difficult to break apart) can be a great relief for your sore gums.

To promote chewing we can follow some recommendations:

1. Above all we must be constant and patient, sudden changes, impositions and tension are not recommended in any case. Learning will depend largely on the disposition of the child and we must be understanding, but without abandoning the progressive training of their little jaws, or despair.

2. To adapt your child's habits, you can start by varying the textures of the purees. You can gradually abandon the mixer for the food mill or the fork to grind the food. We should not offer soggy food with which they can make endless balls, it is preferable to offer them a Russian minced meat fillet than a whole fillet even in very small pieces.

3. From the year on, babies love to show some autonomy when it comes to feeding, allow them to eat small pieces of food, using their hands and their little fingers, even if it is stained. This practice will help you develop both your eating habits and your hand motor skills.

4. You can start by reducing the amount of puree somewhat and complementing it with some food that you have prepared for you and that are easy to eat: simple stews with potatoes, fish, omelette or banana. (Alternating them for a while will ensure that the child continues to eat the amount of food he needs). Likewise, sharing the moment of lunch with him will help him to want to appropriate the habits and foods of the elderly: his parents and siblings.

5. Avoid foods that can cause choking because of their hardness or because they crumble easily. There are some recipes on the market in which fruits and other juicy foods can be introduced without danger of them coming out, and that allow the baby to train his jaws and extract his juice without risks.

6. When your child is a little older, you should make him understand that chewing will help him to have a strong jaw like that of a crocodile and healthy teeth. You should avoid swallowing food whole or slightly crushed, and teach him to chew slowly and repeatedly to salivate the food well, and not to form a food bolus that is easy to swallow and digest.

Chewing is not easy to implement in babies, but it is extremely important for their development. Learning to chew is necessary why:

- Protects teeth from cavities. If the baby continues with only a bottle and porridge, his teeth will become more dirty and the risk of cavities will increase.

- Stimulates the development of the bones and muscles of the mouth.

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