The three words. Children's story about attention

The three words. Children's story about attention

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This story is ideal for children who are more easily distracted. There are children who find it harder to pay attention and end up missing some important lessons.

'The three words' is an anonymous short story that will test children's attention (and of the elderly). Will you be able to answer a simple question correctly? Check it out with this story. This short story also tells us about the use of cunning to achieve a goal. Nothing like intelligence to get us out of a jam and help us solve a problem.

A poor laborer came to an inn at night. I was very tired and hungry and thirsty. But he had no money. Without money he could not get anything. How to get money to eat?

He sat down at a table. Two bakers were sitting at the table, eating and drinking. The laborer told them about his travels. His story was very interesting and they listened to it carefully. Finally he told them:

- I propose a bet: I will say three words that you must repeat.

"It's absurd," answered the bakers. - It's too simple a game.

- How much do you bet? the laborer insisted.

- A hard one - answered the bakers astonished.

The day laborer began:

- We start with this word: Popocatepetl.

The bakers repeated: Popocatepetl.

The laborer said: Merchant.

The bakers said: Merchant.

Then the laborer said with a smile: mistake.

The bakers thought long and hard, but could not find their mistake. The hired man said:

- Let's rehearse again.

"Yes, right," said the bakers.

The hired man started again and said: Hippopotamus.

The bakers: Hippopotamus.

The day laborer: Giraffe.

The bakers: Giraffe.

Again the laborer said with a smile: error.

They tried three or four times. After the fourth time the bakers paid the penny, but asked:

- What was our mistake?

The hired man said:

"You have never said the third word." The third word was each time: error. That is why you have lost the bet.

Without a doubt, from the stories we can get great reflections. In this case, this short story helps us to think with our children about two different topics: one, how intelligence and cunning is the best weapon to solve problems. And two: how important attention is so as not to fall into constant mistakes. Help your child understand these two aspects of the story by asking these questions:

- Why did the laborer need money?

- What game did the laborer propose to the bakers?

- Why do you think the bakers lost the bet?

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