29 baby names banned in Mexico

29 baby names banned in Mexico

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In Mexico, more specifically in the state of Sonora, a law was passed in 2014 prohibiting parents from registering babies with certain names.

It seems incredible to have to get to this point, but the reality is that some parents have such a strange sense of humor when it comes to choosing names for their baby, that it became necessary. These are some of the banned baby names in Mexico.

Mexico is not the only country that has this type of restrictions, Sweden, Romania, Brazil or Colombia also prohibit certain combinations of names. So much so that those parents who decided to put Lucifer, Mandarina or Superman to their children (which has been the case) had to choose a more common formula that, above all, did not humiliate or denigrate the child.

Returning to Mexico, more specifically to the State of Sonora, on February 12, 2014 a law was promulgated that prohibited parents from registering their children under certain names. That law contained a list of 61 baby names banned for being considered degrading to boys. These are some of the quirkier names. Shall we start?

We have classified this list of forbidden names by themes. These Names are based on characters from comic books, literature or movies:

- Batman.

- Harry Potter.

- James Bond.

- Hermione.

- Pocahontas.

- Rambo.

- Robocop.

- Rocky.

- Terminator.

You may have already thrown your jaw off thinking ... but are these parents in their right mind? We do not know well what can lead a father to call his son Batman or Terminator, what is real is that some have tried.

Continue? These are other banned baby names in Mexico, this time They are parents so delighted with new technologies that they have wanted to pay tribute to them by calling their son like this:

- Facebook.

- Yahoo.

- Email.

- Twitter.

Yes, fortunately, no parent in Sonora, Mexico can re-register their baby with one of these names. But let's move on, there are even some there are parents whose mythomania leads them to try to name their children after their artists or characters that have gone down in history, pay attention to the first:

- Hitler.

- Lady Di.

- Rolling Stone.

- Virgin.

If this sounds amazing to you, check out these Well-known brand names that some parents tried to register their children with:

- Burger King.

- Micheline.

- UsNavy.

And, by the end we have left the most hilarious names are impossible names devised by parents with a rather black sense of humor. Fortunately today, in Mexico no child can name a name with such bad taste as:

- Olive.

- Hunt him.

- Shorts.

- Caralimpio.

- Circumcision.

- Scrotum.

- So and so.

- Piritipio.

- Trembling.

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