What are the benefits for children of reading to animals

What are the benefits for children of reading to animals

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Reading aloud to animals has many benefits for children. The 'Dogs and Letters' project uses these benefits in many schools around the world, with the aim of helping all children to improve their reading and reading comprehension, but above all to gain confidence, empathy and many other skills.

We explain What are the benefits for children of reading to animals and what this therapy consists of with children who need to improve their behavior or strengthen social skills.

The reading therapy of children to animals of the project 'Dogs and Letters' works in numerous schools in countries around the world. The recipients are all children in general who need some kind of reinforcement, from children with some type of phobia to those who simply need to gain self-esteem to improve their reading and their school performance. In fact, the only children they cannot work with are children with allergies.

Both parents and teachers, the first thing they notice is an increase in motivation towards reading. In fact, many of these children later try to read to their pets when they get home.

It is a fantastic therapy for children of all conditions, but especially:

- Children who syllate when reading.

- Children with social skills problems.

- Children with behavior problems.

- Children withdrawn or shy.

This therapy works for all children in general. It offers you all these benefits:

1. Improves vocalization: Improves reading ability and fluency. Children who find it difficult to read fluently do so much better.

2. Improve the quality of social skills: Shy children or children with difficulties in relationships with their peers, feel more secure when interacting with others. This is so because they gain confidence in themselves. By participating in this therapy, they feel 'the chosen one', and this helps them to show themselves more and participate in groups with the other children.

3. They gain in security: Improves children's self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Improves reading comprehension: With the help of the animal, the child tries to understand what he is reading. He also feels responsible and that helps him to try harder.

5. Improve your concentration: Ideal for more clueless or nervous children, and for those who cannot control their emotions. Reading to animals helps them relax and focus on a single task.

It is not recommended that parents participate in this therapy because the relationship must be between the child and the dog. The task of adults in this case is to disappear.

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