How to divide child care between the father and the mother equally

How to divide child care between the father and the mother equally

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Today we all spend a lot of time at work. Fathers and mothers spend a great deal of time away from home each day. This means that they do not spend enough time with the family.

Children need their parents to educate them and participate in their upbringing. To achieve this, parents must do it together, taking responsibility for the education of their children in equal measure. Thus, children will learn more and experience a much healthier upbringing.

In order for fathers and mothers to be able to care for their children in an equitable manner, the division of burdens will be essential. In other words, that each one adopts their degree of responsibility as a caregiver by negotiating the tasks that they must carry out in the children's education in order to reconcile family and work life more easily.

It will not be about reconciling to spend more time with the child, but the quality of time that is used to be with the little one. To do this, parents can:

- Distribute household chores. By sharing these tasks, they will use less private time and thus can enjoy more moments of relaxation. In addition, this type of task can be used to spend more time with children, since spending time with them does not consist only of playing, but it is about using it to educate them. That the little ones help with the daily household chores is beneficial for their education.

- Talk about the different points of view of the couple. Everyone has their experiences and therefore different ideas about education. When setting rules and limits for children, it is necessary for the couple to talk, negotiate and reach agreements.

- Spend some time with the child after work. It is important that parents and children welcome each other upon arrival of their respective jobs and school. It is important that everyone participate in that moment of the day where the family gathers.

- Be creative. Use the time they spend with children in a way that is surprising to them.

When parents do not agree on the distribution of burdens in raising children, it will create discomfort in the family climate. In fact, this lack of division of burdens influences education in the positive development of children and brings with it unpleasant situations:

- As there is no agreement between the parents about the roles they should play, the child feels confused and puzzled not knowing what to expect.

- As there is no agreement between the parents, the child will make his own decisions. The little one will do what he thinks best and what he wants when he is not yet ready to make these kinds of decisions.

- As in the division of tasks of the parents there is no agreement and they continuously remove authority, the child will learn that it is the logical way to proceed in life.

- The son will question the decisions of his parents since as there is no agreement, common sense is not exercised. Therefore, it is necessary that mothers and fathers make a division of workloads and, in addition, that there is agreement in all decisions so that children are raised in a positive way and with an adequate education.

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