Foods that can stimulate labor

Foods that can stimulate labor

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The reality is that there is no food that induces labor, despite the suggestions that circulate by word of mouth and that become tremendously relevant to the pregnant woman the closer the probable date of delivery approaches.

Despite the desire that the future mother may have for the end of her exciting journey and to hold her baby, the most recent research suggests that it is the maturity of the baby's lungs that triggers the hormonal torrent that means the onset of labor. But, Are there foods that can stimulate labor?

There are natural ways that can stimulate the beginning of labor such as physical exercise, sex or stimulation of the nipples, in addition to other external stimuli such as aromatherapy or reflexology.

As for foods that have properties to induce labor, there is not enough evidence to say that they work 100%, but when we are around, they could help.

- Usually, Indian and Mexican food, due to their spicy spices such as curry and chili, they stimulate intestinal transit, being able to trigger contractions. However, these contractions do not have to trigger labor, and can simply make the breast feel uncomfortable for a while without any results. The few studies that exist in this regard only suggest that spicy foods contain and release capsaicins that can induce an increase in the release of endorphins, and, since these are natural relaxants, with the relaxation of the body, labor can initiate.

- Fresh pineapple It contains an enzyme called bromelain which in various scientific studies has been shown to help the cervix to mature and stimulate the production of prostaglandins, and therefore could induce labor. However, the necessary amounts of bromelain to observe these effects are extremely high, something impossible to achieve by eating pineapple.

- Black licorice It is also capable of stimulating the production of prostaglandins both in vitro and in vivo, thanks to its glycyrrhizin content, although again, the amount is the problem, since high amounts of glycyrrhizin in addition to triggering labor can cause diarrhea.

- Some spices, like oregano and basil have also been linked to the appearance of contractions when consumed in high amounts. Naturally, with the amounts used to season dishes, it is unlikely that any effect will be seen.

- Drinking raspberry leaf tea it can produce contractions when ingested in large quantities, so its consumption is not recommended until after the 37th week of pregnancy.

Most likely, our baby will be born when it is ready, so more than eating these foods if we do not like them, we must worry about having a healthy and balanced diet until the end of pregnancy.

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