Einstein's Effective Standards for Children to Learn

Einstein's Effective Standards for Children to Learn

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Einstein he was a bad student who suffered in his own flesh, or rather brain, the deficiencies of the educational system of the 19th century. It seems incredible, but today, in the middle of the digital age, in what we could define as the “future"That means living in the 21st century, the education system has not changed much.

We tell you the Einstein's standards for children to learn.

Although his strong point was physics, the truth is that Einstein left us for posterity impact phrases on education that put many of today's educational practices into question.

Einstein was very concerned about the way teach to learn from children, mainly because he suffered the deficiencies of the educational system of the XIX century as a slab that made him even drop out of school.

At the Munich school where he studied for seven years, it was necessary to memorize and repeat until learning, something that still survives in the 21st century. His curious and restless mind did not take that long boredom and dropped out before finishing his studies.

He revealed what most students experience in school: that the obligation to study kills all student's curiosity, and put it in a sentence in his autobiographical notes: "I think that even a healthy prey animal could be deprived of its voracity if it is continually forced to eat when it is not hungry"

He proclaimed that learning was the best of gifts, and not a bitter obligation. In his learning process he learned to pick out the essential and discarding everything superfluous, and realized that the multitude of data that we store in the mind, without any meaning, deviates us from the really essential.

We learn millions of words that end forgotten with the passage of time and, after disappearing, we only have the basis of education, so why have we spent so much time on what we are going to forget?

He put practice before theory, because the mind is exercised through trial and error, manipulation, and everything that has to do with the empirical, and used a very significant metaphor: “if a young man has trained his muscles and your physical endurance by doing gymnastics and walking, later you will be prepared for any physical work. This is analogous to mind. "

It is very clear to all of us that learn to write You learn by writing, and you learn to read by reading, and mathematics is learned when you go to the market and you don't have the money to buy what you want.

Einstein believed that mechanical learning creates automata and aborts individual talent, since it is based on fear, strength and authority, which creates submissives. In addition, it does not awaken the productivity of the student, but rather lulls them, and is based on individual desire and not on that of the common benefit, where recognition should be given and not envy, since, in his own words: "the value of a man should be based on what he gives and not what he receives."

Einstein believed in a new teaching for the future: “The study and, in general, the search for truth and beauty, make up an area where we can continue to be children all our lives ”.

If you were right in your complicated theory about relativity, that have led us to new planets, why don't we listen to him in something as vital as it is simple? There is my claim to whoever may be interested.

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