How to report bullying in Mexico

How to report bullying in Mexico

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Bullying or bullying is any type of violence between peers in which one or more students constantly and repeatedly harass and attack one or more classmates, who cannot defend themselves effectively and are generally in a disadvantaged or inferior position .

The most frequent types are physical, verbal, psychological, sexual abuse, and lately also cyber-bullying.

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE), 32% of children under 15 years of age have suffered bullying at school at some point, a figure that according to the National Institute of Pediatrics is increasing with each new generation.

It is very common to hear phrases such as 'if they hit you, hit you harder' or 'show them how hard you hit' among parents. These behaviors are negative since the child sees it as something natural and above all consented to by his reference, his parents. Every problem has a solution without lack of violence, even if the problem is that someone is exercising it. Finding solutions and talking is the right way to end conflicts.

Although it is thought that our son will not be harassed, all children are susceptible to falling into the 'clutches' of another child to exercise that tyranny with our child, so it is advisable to be alert to any sign that may indicate that the child is suffering bullying, either due to physical or emotional symptoms. Scratches, bruises, sadness, aggressiveness, or a drop in school performance.

If it is affirmative, action should be taken quickly and request the attention of a professional. In these cases, the sooner the problem is addressed, the lesser the consequences.

Above all, do not lose your calm, give our son all possible support, make him feel confident and above all do not judge him, or make him feel guilty about the situation. The school staff must also be informed about what happened so that they can have a more exhaustive control, and if necessary contact the Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico.

Recently the SEP (Secretariat of Public Education) has launched two communication channels for cases of bullying, where to obtain information in case of prevention, or to attend and report in case bullying is a reality. The first of the routes is the telephone 01 800 11 22676, and the second is the website

The website is made up of the sections 'Students', 'Teachers', 'Family' and 'What You Should Know'. Each one of them explains what bullying is, who participates and how to recognize it. In addition, some solutions are exposed to solve problems peacefully.

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