A new and motivating teaching method for children

A new and motivating teaching method for children

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What are your children's teachers like? Do they motivate them? Do they stimulate them? Do they encourage them? In the world of teachers, as in all professional fields, there are good and bad teachers, however Chris Ulmer is one of the good guys, perhaps even the best of the good.

This young man teaches at an academy in Jacksonville, Florida (USA). His students know him as 'Mr Chris' and his way of teaching has gone around the world and received praise from groups of teachers and parents.

Chris teaches children with different diseases and disorders: autistic children, children with brain damage or learning disabilities. His classes begin by putting a smile on the children's faces, how does he do it? Spend the first 10 minutes talking to each of the childrenHe tells them about his good qualities, how well they are doing, about the capabilities he has. And it is that, for this teacher, motivation is essential so that his students can face the challenges of learning.

Chris has been teaching classes for three years, but it has not been until now that his method has been around the world. Ulmer uploaded a video to the Facebook page 'Special children's books'. In this video he showed part of what he does in his classes. The video has had thousands of views and hundreds of people have wanted to share it until it went viral.

His teaching method is based on affection, the promotion of self-esteem, the self-acceptance of children and motivation. How you can see it in the video is not something complicated to do.

Chris achieves it with phrases like: 'you play great football', 'I like having you in my class, you are very funny', 'I think you're brilliant, I think everyone here loves you', 'you are a great student'. This teacher highlights the best of each student and does it in public, in front of the other classmates who listen to what are the good qualities of each of the children.

And what does Chris get in return? The recognition of his students, respect, admiration and affection. What teacher can ask for more?

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