The real Spiderman who heroically saved a child

The real Spiderman who heroically saved a child

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The little boy had been left home alone while his father went shopping. Something that yes, let's face it, we do a lot of parents. A calm child, who does not usually give problems, who does not think of 'mischief' ... 'I'm leaving for a moment and I'll be right back.'

But that day, the little four-year-old decided to 'investigate'. And he found an attractive balcony to climb. Imagine what happened next ... It takes a couple of minutes for a child to smoothly navigate a wall, a fence or a window. The little boy, inadvertently, lost his balance and found himself suspended from the balcony ledge ... Four floors. Here is the video of how a real Spiderman managed to save a child in a heroic way.

The angels exist. Many have their doubts until they see things as amazing as these. So they understand that they don't have to look at the sky. That angels are earthly and can appear at the most unexpected moment. This is the case of Mamoudou Gassama, a man from Mali only 22 years old, who had only been in the capital of France for six months, and that day he was passing there, on Rue Marx-Dormoy (Paris), just at the time when that the little one was suspended from the balcony of his house.

There was no time to think. Gassama stormed toward the front of the building, and with surprising agility and dexterity, managed to climb all four floors of the building in just 30 seconds, hold the little one and bring him to safety. Maybe it sounds like a 'fairy tale' to you, or a story too hard to believe ... really? In 30 seconds? And without a harness? Here's the proof that yes, the real Spiderman exists:

In the images you can see how a crowd of people watch with terror as the little one remains clinging to the balcony ledge while the little one's neighbors try to hold his hand and convince him to try to approach them. The young man, seeing that, began to climb at great speed. In just 30 seconds he stood on the little boy's balcony and grabbed him firmly by the arm. The little boy was safe at last.

The truth is that Gassama never thought that he could trip, fall into the void or lose his balance climbing like this, freehand. When they asked him, once below, how he had been able to do that, he only replied: 'because he was a boy.

Everyone applauded his heroic gesture, including the mayor of Paris, who did not hesitate to congratulate him in public:

'Congratulations to Mamoudou Gassama for his act of bravery that saved the life of a child last night. I had the pleasure of speaking with him today on the phone, to thank him warmly. '

There are people capable of risking their lives for that of a child. Even if that child is not your child. Values ​​like this are incredible in a world that little by little loses empathy and stops believing in others, that seeks its own safety and benefit. There are still people, like Gassama, who suddenly wake us up and remind us: Hey, remember the values ​​that really move the world! '

You don't just need to be brave to jump out and save a child by risking your own life. It takes principles, or rather, values, which in the end function as little engines that lead us to react in one way or another in life, which lead us to choose one path or another. Some of the essential values ​​that we must teach children from a very young age are:

  • Empathy. Without a doubt, a key value for everything. Putting yourself in the place of the other encourages the child to be more supportive and much more just.
  • Solidarity. A more supportive world is achieved with supportive people, capable of 'sacrificing' themselves for the happiness of others.
  • Honesty. Being honest with yourself is the first step towards being honest and honest with others. There is no greater lie than the one you make to yourself. Help your child from an early age to value honesty.
  • Courage. Courage, courage, are values ​​implicit in fighting people, who do not give up, who get up again and again and do not give up at the first stumble. Without a doubt, courage is an essential value that helps to face problems with determination and not to fall into 'negativism'.
  • Effort. Rewards are rarely achieved without effort. Yes in some cases, let's not fool ourselves, but those cases are isolated. Not all luck smiles the same, so that best to try on our own, through work and effort.
  • Perseverance. Along with courage, perseverance is an essential value that helps to achieve achievements despite setbacks. The important thing, when something does not go right the first time, is never to change the objective, but to change the means to achieve it.

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