Diet for children at the end of the school year

Diet for children at the end of the school year

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Always, as the end of the course approaches, children are under greater pressure as the final exams approach.

Although maintaining an orderly life - and having worked throughout the course - is the most important thing to combat stress, food can help promote concentration in children and allow us to feel that we are giving everything in this last push. This is the diet that can help children at the end of the school year.

Let's see the benefits of the foods that we regularly include in our children's diets. Most foods contain nutrients or ingredients that, either by themselves or by their particular metabolism, stimulate or enhance the neuronal circuit and / or memory, although some deserve special mention.

  • Water. One of the most important premises for good brain performance is good hydration, which is why water is vital. Energy drinks should be avoided since they are not recommended at these ages and it is not advisable to abuse caffeinated beverages, although they can be consumed after a certain age. Cocoa, for its part, contains a natural stimulant that helps maintain concentration, provided it is consumed in moderation.
  • Complex carbohydrates, like those contained in whole grains and pasta, as they provide glucose, the brain's food. Fruits also provide sugars, and specifically the banana is the most recommended to stimulate memory since, thanks to its potassium content, it also helps to maintain fast neuronal connections.
  • Protein foods, such as meat, fish or legumes. One of the amino acids that make up proteins, tryptophan, is transformed in the body into serotonin, a hormone responsible for relaxation and related to a good night's rest, helping to stabilize the alterations of the nervous system. This amino acid can also be found in whole grains and nuts. In addition, they contain B vitamins, which support brain health and contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Fish also provides phosphorus and essential fatty acids involved in brain function and memory. Essential fatty acids are also found in nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. Foods of animal origin also provide iron and zinc, two other minerals related to a good concentration or, rather, their deficiency is related to lack of attention, so it is advisable that they be continuously provided in the diet of schoolchildren .
  • The egg It is one of the few foods that contains choline, a substance closely related to improving brain activity, with good memory and concentration skills. It also provides phosphorus, another of those involved in neuronal transmissions, and tryptophan, especially the yolk, which is why it is one of the "end of course" staples.

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