How to educate children for the skills of the future

How to educate children for the skills of the future

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I recently read an article that made me think about how and why I should train or prepare my children for the future.

Social or behavioral skills are the attitudes most sought by companies, so should we educate our children to have these skills? and how?.

We tell you how to educate children for the skills of the future.

The article broadly stated the following:

According to the Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report, which surveyed more than 2,000 business leaders, the "soft skills" or social and behavioral skills that have the most impact and on which people trust are:

- Leadership: Who knows how to inspire and lead a team towards a common goal, has a strategic vision, maintains a proactive attitude or can adapt to change with agility.

- Communication: Know how to interact with other classmates, master public speaking and rhetoric, practice active listening, the ability to influence and motivate, transmit and know how to receive feedback. They are personal skills currently in demand by business companies.

- Collaboration: Teamwork as a way of working. Work in a collaborative and cohesive way.

- Time management: Capable of organize your schedule to be as efficient as possible

Today, these are the skills or competencies that are sought in the labor sphere, but beware! They are also personal skills that are very useful for daily life, team sports, colleges and universities, etc ...

The question I ask is directed to those of us who are parents: do you train these skills with your children? And if so, how are you training them?

I show you how you should train your children for the future skills.

1- For leadership. Tell you that leadership is not something innate but something that can be trained. People can have more or less leadership doses, especially depending on the position they occupy in their family or environment. My advice is to influence them to learn to adapt to changes and to have flexibility when facing new situations.

2- For communication. I would focus on public speaking mainly. We must challenge our children, provoke situations, accustom them to that situation, make them prepare texts, sing songs, read poetry and tell them, to train the ability to speak in public.

3- For collaboration. We must teach him not to feel individual, to feel part of one. With his responsibilities, but without the pressure that everything depends on him. You have to live the collaborative and cooperative spirit when carrying out tasks.

4- For the time management skill. We must teach you to keep your schedule up to date, commit to your schedules and be able to manage your own time. Supervise, and gradually learn to manage it by learning from your mistakes.

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