Would you give your baby a vegetarian diet?

Would you give your baby a vegetarian diet?

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Feeding babies is a matter of concern for all parents. We are waiting for you to gain weight regularly and, therefore, we weigh you every week and on the same scale so that there are no ups and downs of a few grams.

We are concerned about not being able to extend the Breastfeeding When we join work and we are waiting to introduce complementary food into their diet at the right time, neither before nor after, so that their development is optimal. Therefore, in the face of news such as the case of some vegan parents who have let their 11-month-old baby die from malnutrition, my heart sinks. Would you give your baby a vegetarian diet?

My experience in life has shown me that extremisms do not have positive consequences. Everyone is free to do what they want, but in terms of nutrition children, for having a developing organism, they are a full stop.

This marriage of vegans are strict vegetarians who eat absolutely nothing that comes from an animal. According to the vegan regulation they don't eat meat, milk, fish, eggs, or honey. Thus, according to the doctors, the eleven-month-old girl weighed 5.7 kilos, when the average weight of a child her age is 8. The little girl had been fed only with her mother's milk, which was nourished by abiding to the strict rules of veganism and she had a lack of vitamin B12, which could be related to her mother's diet.

During the first year of life, there are anthropometric parameters that serve to understand why nutritional needs at this stage are proportionally so higher than those of the adult person. Regarding the weight, during the first 12 months, birth weight triples.

Size goes from 45-50 cm at birth to 75-80 cm at one year of life, while in the second year it only increases about 20-25 cm, and afterwards between 7 and 10 cm per year. The volume of the brain, during the first four months, increases at the rate of two grams a day. And that, not to mention teething, which begins after four months of life and depends on bone development. Therefore, it is especially important ensure the baby has enough and adequate nutrition, with the triple objective of satisfying their nutritional needs, preventing and treating various pathological situations and creating good eating habits.

The nutritional guidelines for children are today marked by the recommendations and technical reports of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Nutrition Committee of the European Academy of Pediatrics and the Nutrition Committee of the European Society of Nutrition and Pediatric Gastroenterology (ESPGAN) and establish a dairy period up to six months, a transition period in which other foods are introduced carefully and gradually so as not to alter the rhythm of digestive and renal maturation, and a digestive maturation period that will allow the child to eat larger and less frequent meals.

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