Fairy Dust Technique against children's fear

Fairy Dust Technique against children's fear

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I remember perfectly the fear that happened when I was little and I woke up In the middle of the night shaking I imagined that all hazard class stalked me behind the curtains of my room, behind the bedroom door, or that a hand would grab my foot dragging me toward the dark immensity that lived under my bed next to the fluff that was accumulating throughout the week.

Fear had me immobilized and I didn't dare get up to pee, and didn't even call my parents.

If this is what happens to your children, Fairy Dust Technique it will solve all your problems ... or at least those of fear.

After a few minutes imagining monsters in the shadows cast by the dim light that my mother had left on in my room, and scared to death, I limited myself to screaming hurricanes and uttering that magical word that works perfectly for all children: "Mamááááááá".

Me mother answered slowly with my eyes half closed and with little desire to face my monsters every night, so I tried to calm myself for a while, but the story it was repeated about twice every night. This happened to me from when I was about 5 years old to 10.

Now the same thing happens to one of my daughters and I can't help but understand how bad it is, she even pees in bed every night because she doesn't dare to get up to the bathroom, lest a monster red-eyed grab her hair and take her forever. But also understand to my poor mother every time I wake up like a zombie and bump into every corner of the house before reaching my daughter's bed.

So I decided to use a technique which has definitely helped us a lot to overcome night fears: it is the Fairy Dust Technique against the fear of children.

It's a technique very simple, serves among 4 or 5 years to 9 or 10, at which point they become half-grown and no longer believe so much in magic.

The steps to follow are:

1- We will need to do, without the child seeing us, a little bottle of magic powder which, of course, the head of the good fairies, who curiously lives in our neighborhood, or the Sorcerer Merlin, who is from the next neighborhood, will have given us.

2- To do this we will put a little colored glitter, grated chalk, or flour. It can also be done with an empty spray and put water with cologne or aromatic herbs.

3- Before going to bed we will tell the child a story about fairies or wizards who protect children. You can invent it or read any fairy tale to them, the important thing is to mentalize the child that the magic it can help in case you are afraid.

4- Then, you take a bit of glitter in your hand, and blow it spreading it throughout the room (I recommend that it be little glitter if you do not want to be collecting dust from the room the rest of the week).

5- It is time to recite the magic spell that fairies have told us to make monsters disappear, or nightmares, or the reason why the child is afraid:

'Potagia magic from head to toe, this magic spell faces the forces of nature.'

Tell him that tonight he can sleep peacefully because the fears have stayed outside the house.

If you see that the child wakes up at night with nightmares, you can take your theatrical skills and take a little more of fairy dust, because the same effect had ended ...

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