What do the astrological signs of mothers say?

What do the astrological signs of mothers say?

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Astrology can not only reveal the profile of the baby that has just been born but also the type of mother she is going to have. Through their astrological sign, women can know what type of mother she will be, that is, what will be her way of educating, caring for, and what attitudes she will have towards her children. How is the relationship of mothers, according to their astrological sign, with his kids

As much as a mother idealizes or is clear about how she wants to be a mother, when the baby is born everything can change. The way of educating each child also depends on the way the baby is. Both mother and baby will have to adapt to each other's shape. For this reason, it is also interesting to know the astrological profile of the baby.

Knowing the profile of the mother who will be, allows the woman to identify details of her behavior with her children, her way of being and being with them, and reflect on the good and bad of her behavior. After all, the role of a mother is essential for the psychological and emotional formation of children.

There are demanding mothers, others more flexible, more understanding, more patient, and others more or less present. There are mothers of all types. Here's an example:

The mother of Aries (3/21 to 4/20) She is a tireless warrior mother. She is also impatient and impulsive.

- The mother of Taurus (4/21 to 5/20) She is a thoughtful, caring and loving mother: She tends to be possessive and jealous.

- Gemini's mother (5/21 to 6/20) She is a flexible, versatile and talkative mother with her children. She is usually indecisive and sometimes insecure.

- Cancer's mother (6/21 to 7/21) She is a concerned, patient and protective mother. Tends to be somewhat melancholic and demanding.

- Leo's mother (7/22 to 8/22) She is an inventive, firm and motivating mother. It is usually controlling and authoritarian.

- Virgo's mother (8/23 to 9/22) She is a very detailed, practical and perfectionist mother. She is also overly critical and demanding.

- Libra's mother (9/23 to 10/22) She is a subtle, skilled and sensitive mother with her children. She is usually vain and presumptuous of her children.

- Scorpio's mother (10/23 to 11/21) She is a frank, encouraging mother who values ​​the ability of her children. She is also often possessive and suspicious.

Sagittarius mother (11/22 to 12/21) She is a cheerful, understanding and optimistic mother. She also feels truthful and controlling.

- Capricorn's mother (12/22 to 1/20) She is a mother who believes in the impossible, is upright and concerned with her children. At times, she is bossy, jealous, and cold with them.

- The mother of Aquarius (1/21 to 2/19) She is a generous and innovative mother. He is also usually indifferent and individualistic.

- The mother of Pisces (2/20 to 3/20) She is a super dedicated mother, hard working and dedicated to her children. Sometimes she is also distracted and loses her balance.

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