What to do when the child is obsessed with order

What to do when the child is obsessed with order

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If your child plays at placing objects in rows or categorizing and ordering their toys, don't worry, it's completely normal behavior for 2 and 3 year olds.

However, if the behavior persists over time and becomes a problem in the future, you may have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Know the difference between OCD and normal behavior in a child.Know what to do if the child is obsessed with order.

If you have seen your child very concentrated making rows of colored plasticine, placing pencils or building blocks and this behavior has disturbed you, you should know that it is an evolutionary attitude compatible with their cognitive development and that it does not correspond to any OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Also, this age is too young to diagnose an abnormality.

This effort to classify helps the child to understand the world and to learn to differentiate patterns of size, color, utility ... It is the first step in learning hierarchical classification.

Sorting is a constructive task and lays the foundation for logical thinking.

- Put their cars in a row or in a battery arranged by colors.

- Order Lego pieces in long rows.

- Sort the dolls by size: first the large ones, then the medium ones and finally the small ones.

- Group the accessories of the dolls by categories.

- Stack objects.

- Organize the toy foods.

- Sort the paintings.

There are parents who worry because this stubbornness with order is one of the typical behaviors of autism or because they think that their child will be too perfectionist and will suffer if things are not arranged as he has.

Other parents think that their child has high abilities and that is why he reacts in this way.

Far from reality, this mania will disappear over time and will not interfere with its further development. And don't get your hopes up, by doing this, he won't be a neat teenager!

If in the long term the obfuscation with order does not disappear and you see that it is an issue that upsets your child and causes physical discomfort or performs rituals and constant checks or has a really bad time when children come to play at home and misplace their things, tell your pediatrician.

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