A game to create affective bonds in children: 'You are, you are ...'

A game to create affective bonds in children: 'You are, you are ...'

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Affective ties are not essential during childhood, either between parents and children, between siblings, between classmates ...

Exists a very useful game to create emotional bonds in children: 'You are, you are ...'. It is a very simple game that some teachers use in schools to improve the relationship between students. But maybe it can also be used for example, to use at a birthday party with friends.

This game is very simple and useful to create emotional bonds or help shy children break down those barriers that make it difficult for them to make friends.

The game, which is used in many schools, camps and outings with large groups of children, can also be played in small groups, for example during a birthday party or a 'pajama party' of your son or daughter. Also, you will only need a handkerchief.The game consists of the following:

1. One of the participating children should cover his eyes with a handkerchief. But first, ask him to take a good look at all his companions.

2. Once the child is blindfolded, help him to get closer to the rest of the classmates and ask that I try to recognize them just by feeling their features.

3. If you need any more clues, can use smellAlthough alone and when the other child agrees, as the issue of smell can arouse mistrust and rejection in some shyer children.

4. If you still need any more clues, it remains to ask the child you are feeling to say a word. Perhaps the sound of his voice is decisive to reveal who it is.

5. Then do the same with the other children. Will they be able to guess who each one is just by feeling their face?

This game can be played from 3 years old, and it has many benefits for the little ones.

The main objective of the game 'You are, you are ...' is none other than create or strengthen bond between children who participate. Do you know why it is a game that is used in schools and camps? Because teachers are aware that unity in class is essential to achieve good performance from all students. But in addition, it also has all these benefits:

- Helps to gain confidence.

- It is beneficial for shy children.

- Eliminates tensions.

- Improves respect and tolerance among children.

- Stimulates the senses of touch, smell and hearing.

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