With five months of gestation, she already has a visiting regime

With five months of gestation, she already has a visiting regime

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Can you decide the future of a baby that has not yet been born? This has been the case of a fetus of five months of gestation, whose parents have divorced before it was born, and that already has established a regime of visits between its parents.

A judge in San Sebastián has handed down a pioneering sentence between a divorced couple, who have decided to end their relationship when she was five months pregnant. The resolution is surprising because current regulations maintain that a baby does not acquire legal personality until 24 hours after its birth.

Apparently, the parents decided by mutual agreement to include this condition in their divorce agreement and the sentence will be suspended until the time of the baby's birth. A decision that has been applauded from the Association of Divorced Mothers and Fathers because "it prioritizes the rights of the unborn and avoids later trances," they say.

And if I like something about this case, it is the responsibility that both parents have acquired with respect to their child before his birth. If until now it was common to see how, in similar cases, the father ignored his baby to live "another life" and it was she who had to move forward by taking care of the upbringing and education of her child alone, now it seems that finally, in terms of equality, things are changing and for the better.

Another step towards a better quality of life for unstructured families is that this ruling also recognizes the father figure before birth, which, apart from paternity tests, which verify the biological paternity of the divorced person, is an advantage for those who feel like a father during the gestation of your child, before it is born.

This recognition is a guarantee for those who, now in the distance, must assume their paternity and recognizes the right of parents to actively participate in the upbringing and education of their children. And to you, what do you think that from now on babies can arrive with a visitation under their arm? Give us your opinion and leave us your comment on the official page of our site on Facebook.

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