The expedition. Children's story about outdoor play

The expedition. Children's story about outdoor play

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The story of 'The expedition' is a children's story about outdoor play, but it also serves to instill in children respect for nature.

Discover with this short story why the leading children organized an expedition to the forest.

Nico, Teresa and Ana met, as planned, at the salamander fountain. They were looking for loot.

"Did your parents let you come?" Asked Teresa.

- Yes, if you were with us- answered Nico and Ana.

- Do you bring the glass jars, the cloth bags, water and a cap?

- Yes, Teresa, we carry everything.

- Well, let's go! Today I will be your guide, follow me.

The three friends began the journey. Teresa was the oldest and knew the roads and the names of the trees and the birds. Told them:

- Hear that sound: knock, knock ... It's a woodpecker! It must be looking for ants under the tree's bark.

- Ooh, how interesting.

- Now we will walk for a while under the shade of this long vine. The grapes are still green, you have to wait to eat them. Be careful not to step on those nettles!

Nico and Ana followed the directions of their older friend and tried to remember everything she told them.

"We just have to cross the stream bridge, pass the grasshopper meadow and we will have arrived," Teresa explained.

"Good!" Ana exclaimed.

After a moment, the boys they saw each other in a beautiful pine forest.

- Do you see what I told you? Teresa recalled. "Here are a lot of pine nuts."

It's true! - Nico agreed - look there is one and another there! The children were removing the needles from the pines and filling ("clinc, clinc, clinc") the glass jars with pine nuts that they left their fingers, painted with a black powder.

"I think we have enough," the guide pointed out and the children started their way back.

Before going through the vine, Nico, Teresa and Ana saw a stone and decided to split the pine nuts very carefully, on a flat surface. Those who were peeling kept them in cloth bags. Upon reaching their homes, the children distributed the bags with peeled pine nuts among their families. Everyone loved them.The expedition had been a success!

Find out if your child paid attention to the text you just read. You can help yourself with these simple questions:

1. Why had the children stayed at the Salamander fountain?

2. What did they go to do in the forest?

3. What bird did you meet on the way?

4. What did the children do with the pine nuts they collected?

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