Ideas to give at the baby's christening

Ideas to give at the baby's christening

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What gifts are the most suitable for the baby on the day of his baptism


You can buy a series of frames and put beautiful and endearing photos of your baby. Guests at the christening of your son or daughter will find it the perfect gift.

Shaped cookies or cakepops are very original and tasty gifts to give to guests at a christening. In addition, you make sure that the gift is not cornered in a house, since they are so delicious that they will eat them all.

An original gift for guests at the baby's christening can be this figurine clip to put a photo.

Guests at the christening of your child with a sweet tooth will love this detail. It consists of putting sugars, sweets or caramel almonds in tulle bags and closing them with a bow. A perfect reminder of a baptism.

If you are looking for an original gift for your son or daughter's christening guests, and you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can buy some small boxes, put cookies with shapes inside and wrap them with tissue paper and a large bow. It will be very attractive.

An easy to prepare and very economical gift to give to the guests at the christening of your son or daughter. It is enough to make a cone with a nice or original paper and fill it with candies.

If you are looking for an original and very simple gift for your baby's christening, you can buy or order baskets with candies and give them to the guests.

A pretty little basket, pink if the baby is a girl, blue if the baby is a boy or in another neutral color is a perfect souvenir for your child's christening guests. You can put candies inside.

A good idea is to personalize a candle with the date of the christening and the baby's name. A cellophane and a bow will serve to put the finishing touch to this beautiful gift.

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