How to know if a contraction is in labor

How to know if a contraction is in labor

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One of the main fears of every pregnant woman is that of not knowing how to detect that she has gone into labor. This uncertainty can cause stress and anxiety in the last month of pregnancy. However, midwives and gynecologists insist that the first signs of labor are very evident and the most normal thing is for the woman to realize that the first phase of labor has begun.

But what are labor contractions like? When should we go to the hospital? Matron Rita Salvador clarifies these doubts for us.

Not all pregnant women notice preparatory contractions or Braxton Hicks contractions. Many women say they did not realize they had them. And this is because they are painless. Braxton Hicks contractions make the gut very hard for a few seconds, but they quickly pass. The matron Rita Salvador explains us what exactly is a contraction:

'Contractions are basically a mystery to women until the moment they perceive them. A contraction is that the uterus contracts, it gets hard, and what it is going to do is help baby get high and at the end of gestation, what the contractions help us is to expel the baby and give birth.

It is true that from week 32 approximately, women can begin to perceive small contractions. They are painless contractions and what the woman notices is that her belly becomes hard. What these contractions are doing is preparing and strengthening the uterus so that at the time of delivery, it is capable of doing all the work and expelling the baby at the end of pregnancy. '

The labor contractionsHowever, they are painful and more regular. But where does the pregnant woman perceive them?

'Although the contraction is born in the upper part of the uterus, what we call the fundus, and it normally radiates from the right part to the area of ​​the cervix, the woman especially where she notices the pain is in the suprapubic part or in the lumbar area, in the area of ​​the back, what some women call childbirth of kidney pain '.

These contractions, which indicate that labor has just begun, can last for hours and even days. You don't have to go to the hospital just to feel them. It is best to wait until the contractions are more regular and painful. It is recommended to go to the hospital when the contractions repeat regularly every five minutes.

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