The 10 successes in your child's education

The 10 successes in your child's education

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Raising a child is not easy. Especially since each child is unique, so there is no model of education, but rather!million models! Starting from there, it is true that there are 'basic pillars' of education, which we must never forget, and very good advice from experts in the field.

On this occasion, we will look at the 10 successes in the education of your children that can serve as guidance to know that you are 'on the right track'.

1. Love. Loving children seems obvious, but many parents are afraid of 'overdoing it', and end up not showing their affection for fear of 'spoiling' their child. A big mistake, without a doubt, because it has been shown that there is no excess of affection, and that loving will never mean spoiling children.

2. Share time with the children. You can be generous in many ways. Sharing time is one of the best gifts you can give your child, since time is precisely our most precious asset.

3. Correct without instilling fear. Obviously, we must correct the mistakes of the children, but always from positivism and of course, respect, and never from fear. The goal is for the children to respect and trust us, not to be afraid of us.

4. Travel with them. Travel is a unique opportunity for children to get to know other cultures, to soak up unique experiences. If the trips are also with their parents, they will be strengthening ties with them. Communication and trust will improve.

5. Play with the children. Play is the best learning vehicle for children. How about you play with your children to participate in their learning? In addition, it is shown that the family that plays together is happier. And happiness is the most precious good.

6. Stimulate your curiosity. Children are curious by nature, but it is in your hands to stimulate their curiosity or not so that they are excited when it comes to discovering new knowledge. And how is this done? For example, asking you questions that make you think. And of course, always answering your questions.

7. Less TV and more talking. Experts suggest that we turn off the TV and electronic devices while we eat. Sounds basic to me. is more, and I would add: and try to eat as a family. Food is a unique occasion to talk more as a family, ask questions, tell us anecdotes, experiences ... and improve the bond.

8. Respect their privacy. It is good that you protect your child and feel interested in his friends, his environment or his tastes. But we all need a zone of privacy. They too. Respect your child if he wants to be alone for a while or does not want to show you something in particular. We all need to have our little secrets.

9. Stimulate your creativity. Imagination is a power that will help you throughout your life in different areas. You can help him be more creative by sharing hobbies with him and proposing others until he finds the one that best suits his tastes and abilities.

10. Educate in values. Values ​​are basic pillars in the education of children, because they will accompany them throughout their lives and will serve as a guide in moments of doubt or uncertainty. Don't hesitate, values ​​are essential and you should pay special attention to setting an example and teaching them to your child.

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