Naps in pregnancy: a great way to deal with tiredness

Naps in pregnancy: a great way to deal with tiredness

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Being pregnant does not mean being sick, a woman who is expecting a baby can do almost all the activities she did before. You must not lead more than a healthy life.

However, it is very common for a pregnant woman to feel fatigued and tired as the day progresses, much more than at other stages of her life. How to solve it? Naps in pregnancy are the best way to end fatigue. Discover its benefits.

It is very common for the first trimester of pregnancy, fatigue catches you. Changes in your body, the growing baby inside, hormones, fears, emotions and other circumstances can make you feel really tired throughout the day.

This improves in the second trimester of pregnancy, the most vital and the one that will allow you to fully enjoy everything that happens to you. However, again the third trimester of pregnancy arrives, the last one and the energy will seem to have been exhausted at a stroke. Your belly will cause you discomfort and you will bear more and more weight, mobility is reduced and sleep is no longer so restful.

During pregnancy, your body is working at full capacity for your baby to grow and develop. All your energies are put into the little being that grows inside you ... how could it not be exhausting!

Many women cannot sleep through the night without getting up from start to finish. At the end of pregnancy, the belly makes it difficult to adopt a comfortable position in bed and, during pregnancy, the bladder will ask for passage during the night, you will feel a habitual urge to urinate. How to cope with pregnancy fatigue? Naps will be your best ally, know why:

- Lulu Song of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuha, China, analyzed information from more than 10,000 pregnant women, including 442 women who had low-birth-weight babies. They made a comparison between those who napped during pregnancy and those who did not. They concluded that those who took a nap of approximately an hour or an hour and a half they were 29% less likely to have low-weight babies.

- Jodi A. Mindell author of "Sleep without more: from pregnancy to early motherhood" says that the only way to compensate for the sleep that the pregnant woman does not do during the night or the one she loses is by sleeping, so planning a daily nap is the best way to recharge energy.

- If the pregnant woman works outside the home it will not be easy, but if you have a room where you can close your eyes a little, at least after lunch, you will see that you can face the afternoon with much more strength and this will also be beneficial for your bosses since you will perform much more.

- Naps reduce the level of restlessness or irritability that you may have accumulated during the morning, either because you are not physically as you would like or simply because you are tired.

- Boost your mood: a little restful nap will make you feel more positive and you will see yourself in a better mood to face the second part of the day.

- It will stimulate your memory: It is a fact that pregnant women feel more physically and mentally clumsy, so a break will reactivate your brain and your ability to pay attention to things.

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