Summer's afternoon. Poems with rhyme for children

Summer's afternoon. Poems with rhyme for children

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Through poems, children learn about their environment and the world around them, this children's poetry to learn about summer is an example of this.

Summer afternoon, it's a nice rhyming poem for kids that we can read with our children and comment on the different events that occur in summer.

The roses from the rosebush

they are looking at me laughing,

like me from the shadow

the beauty I admire in them.

An ant passes by my side

without stopping to look,

but I look at her

because I can step on it.

The fly bites my leg

and I'm going to scare her away,

but he never listens to me

and again it stings.

The flower grows on the hydrangea

beautifying the garden,

I hear the trill of the bird.

Maybe they feel me?

For children to learn to love poetry, it is convenient to start with short rhymes, bring them poems in which the language is very simple, attractive, and appropriate to their age for children.

It is important that children can understand the message that poetry tries to convey, that it makes them think, understand or simply have fun.

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