The biggest pregnant belly you'll ever see

The biggest pregnant belly you'll ever see

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You sure think (if you've been pregnant) that your belly was the biggest, the heaviest and the roundest or most pointed of all. That was what I thought too, until I saw the belly of María, a happy pregnant with triplets who proudly shows her huge belly through her social networks.

I am not exaggerating if I say that it is the largest pregnant belly I have ever seen. The fact is that she takes it quite well. Observe and draw your own conclusions.

Maria already has a son, so not a new mom. But with the first pregnancy she did not have even half of this belly. She is pregnant with triplets, and although they warned her that her belly could grow a little more, she never imagined that much ... Although to see her better, nothing like this video, where she shows her from all her perspectives, while claiming to be very happy.

In this video, Maria shows her pregnant belly at 33 1/2 weeks. This 36-year-old Danish girl, deducts the days until September 12, the day chosen by her doctors to perform a caesarean section, since the pregnancy of triplets is more complex and they prefer to have everything under control. So babies will be born at week 35, just over a month from your calendar date of the 'probable day of delivery'. Judging by Maria's huge belly, her babies don't have much room left ...

The fight for the first place to the largest pregnant belly is close. If you think Maria's belly is big, try observing that of Erlinda Ruiz, a 33-year-old Nicaraguan girl which won the 'Mother Belly' award for the largest pregnant belly. Her belly was 53 centimeters in diameter and she was then 34 weeks pregnant with her second child.

The truth is that pregnant bellies are very particular. Some grow enormously and others, however, barely expand. While the Nicaraguan young woman holds the title of largest belly, this other young woman nevertheless has the title of the smallest pregnancy belly:

The pregnant woman in question is Chantel Duncan, model and fitness instructor. In this photo, she proudly shows her small pregnant belly at 38 weeks' gestation, just two weeks after reaching term.

Although for strange bellies, that of this other pregnant woman, a Spanish model named Gala Caldirola who shows her budding heart-shaped belly. Your baby was born perfectly healthy:

Do you see that the belly is shaped like a heart? The shapes of the bellies are also another of the eternal debates. Especially because there is a certain belief that relates the shape of the belly to the sex of the baby. Thus, according to this theory, a round belly is more typical of a girl's pregnancy, while a belly that ends in a peak indicates a pregnancy of a boy. So what happens to this pregnant 'heart' tummy?

But don't panic: the size or shape of the tummy does not affect the health of the baby at all nor does it indicate the size of the baby. It is solely due to:

- Genetics and the physiognomy of the pregnant woman.

- How the baby is positioned (if it is crossed, the belly will grow more).

- The size of the placenta.

- To the amount of amniotic fluid.

- The tonicity of the abdominal muscles (if the muscles are more flaccid, the gut will grow more).

- The position of the uterus (some women have it back, so the gut is less noticeable).

As long as the baby is developing well, it should not matter what type of belly you have. It can be bigger or smaller, rounder or pointy ... Baby, of course, won't mind too much.

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