How to remove the baby's diaper according to the Montessori method

How to remove the baby's diaper according to the Montessori method

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The Montessori method gives us 7 steps to remove the baby's diaper easily and non-invasively


Not depending on the child's age is one of the maxims of the Montessori philosophy, which states that the ideal moment is when the child is ready to control toilet bowls, regardless of age.

Forcing him to sit on the toilet is a mistake, he will understand it as punishment and he will have a hard time. It is preferable to ask if you need to pee or poop, and be aware of the gestures they make.

Although it is true that in summer it is easier to remove the diaper because there is less problem if it gets wet, it is preferable not to base yourself on any season of the year and to follow the evolutionary moment of the child. Only when you're ready.

Being able to control the toilet is part of a baby's natural learning, it is not necessary to reward him or buy gifts when he succeeds, although it is convenient to congratulate him. If the child manages to say goodbye to the diaper, he will have taken another step in his development, no gifts are necessary for him to get it.

The main objective of María Montessori's philosophy is to ensure that the child is autonomous, but always with respect for their evolutionary moment and their capacities. For the removal of the diaper, it is necessary for parents to offer a positive and motivating environment, which facilitates the child to take this great step in their evolution.

Offer your child everything he may need and, above all, it is important that it is at his fingertips, be it a urinal, adapter, a step for him to go up to the toilet and wet wipes. It is a way to promote the autonomy of the child and avoid depending on us for everything.

It is common for the child to ever leak or pee and poop on himself during the learning process for diaper removal.

With a proper education, and without the need to resort to punishment and threats, the Montessori method gives us advice on how to help the child to put off the diaper and to control his will to piss or pee. According to this method, the most important thing is the encouragement and motivation that parents can give their children.

There are children who manage to say goodbye to the night and day diaper in just 3 days, and there are others who can take many more days.

Using the Montessori method, you can help your child to leave the diaper, respecting their rhythm and time. Do not pose it as a challenge that is achieved in a short time, you will only frustrate your child. The best thing is to support the children in this important stage.

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