Tricks for children to read

Tricks for children to read

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In many cases, the first contact of children with books occurs at the beginning of school age. Textbooks are currently very attractive to children, but many times, they end up associating books with study or obligation.

What can we do so that they acquire the habit of reading for the pleasure of reading and not necessarily reading is connected to the obligation of homework and studies?

Interest in reading can be encouraged and suggested from the time our children are very young, before they even learn to read. For this, we must offer books to the child as another form of fun, one more alternative to play.

Surely you have seen books of all kinds, oriented precisely for the enjoyment of the little ones in the house: fabric stories, stories to put in the bathtub, books with simple illustrations that will teach our child everyday objects, stories with windows or foldouts , stories with sounds, stories for us to read before bed, books about animals and bugs, small encyclopedias, etc.

Allowing them to look at a book or sit on our lap to read a book is to lay a solid foundation to motivate them to read and, therefore, to the benefits it will bring: intelligence, imagination, creativity, etc.

Working so that our child likes reading is worth it and for this we must initiate them as soon as possible in the habit of browsing and fiddling with books. Let's write down some recommendations:

1. The book should be seen as a toyat an early age rather than manipulating and looking, for this it is important to adapt the type of book to the age of children.

2. Promote imitation. If they see us read, even the press, they will also want to share the reading space with us.

3. Read aloud to them the story as they learn to speak is ideal, as long as they can look at the pictures or ask questions. The book should tell simple stories that they can understand without difficulty and, therefore, do not lose attention or interest.

4. Go to the library regularly. This space is the ideal place to teach them to maintain the necessary silence and respect for books.

5. Give books away or rewarding the child with them is stimulating for them. Encourage them to choose the book they like the most.

6. Make sure they understand the content. When they are already able to understand the story without problems or make a comprehensive reading themselves, we must make them participate in the story by asking them questions or asking their opinion about what was heard or read.

7. Teach them to do reflective reading: take advantage of it to teach them or show them appropriate or inappropriate behaviors that may be detached from reading.

8. Always keep interest alive, supply your room with a small library, which grows with them. Reading is the foundation of all subsequent knowledge, promoting reading is promoting success in studies and interest in learning.

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