Risks of undergoing surgery during pregnancy

Risks of undergoing surgery during pregnancy

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During the nine months that a pregnancy lasts, there are chances that the pregnant woman will have to undergo some emergency surgery: appendicitis, gallbladder, traffic accident, etc. And, of course, here the doubts of many pregnant women arise:surgery during pregnancy it's dangerous?

It is true that like any intervention or medication to which a pregnant woman has to be subjected, we must weigh the pros and cons. Obviously when the fetus is also involved, we must be sure that the benefits far outweigh the risks. That is why, if it is not strictly necessary, a woman who is expecting a child will not happily take medications, just as she will not undergo surgery, and It will only do so in the cases that are essential.

Some studies say that 1 in every 500 pregnant women will undergo surgery at some point during their pregnancy, for reasons other than obstetrics (although this figure could be higher depending on the source consulted), so we should ask ourselves if being pregnant is a factor risk versus women not expecting a baby.

There is a study entitled "The Effects of Surgery During Pregnancy" by Hunter B. Moore, which analyzed the mortality and morbidity of two groups of women: one not pregnant and the other yes.

We understand the mortality as the possibility of dying related to the surgery, and this was contemplated in the same operating room table and a follow-up was done after 30 days. Interestingly, it was similar in the two groups. The same thing happened with morbidity, which is the possibility of complications related to the process (pneumonia, infections, sepsis, thromboembolism, kidney failure, etc). The percentage of involvement was very similar in both groups.

So we could affirm that they are indeed compatible surgery and pregnancy in the event that the woman needs to undergo an intervention during pregnancy, although it is true that these studies only considered the well-being of the mother, and not that of the fetus.

It is known that the risk of miscarriage is around 4% in cases in which the woman undergoes an operation for appendicitis, for example. However, it is necessary to put the mother's life first in cases where she is at risk.

By trimester, we could say that the moment in which there are greater probabilities of avoiding harmful effects for the fetus is the second trimester, however we cannot decide in most cases when to operate, since the interventions to which it is subjected women are usually emergency situations, in which we cannot delay in their realization.

The anesthesia used, in general, does not pose a greater risk to the woman, and in principle it does not have to affect the development and well-being of the future baby.

Obviously, if a woman must undergo surgery during pregnancy, in addition to being controlled by the doctor-surgeon of the specific specialty, she will also be supervised by her obstetricians more intensively, since they must ensure the well-being of the baby and gestation.

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