What is christmas

What is christmas

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You can't talk about Christmas without considering the holidays, gifts, or Christmas decorations. Despite the conflictive situations and extreme poverty that spread throughout the world, when Christmas arrives the optimism and hope, and values ​​such as generosity and peace, They take over all of us

The Christmas spirit makes us feel closer to others and regain that childlike sense that we put aside for the rest of the year. And what better way to do it than to bring the whole family together to celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus, the arrival of Santa Claus or Three Kings Day.

Christmas, apart from all the lights, gifts and meals, is the time of the year that invites us to renew our feelings, our emotions, and make union reborn within the family and among friends, with attitudes of generosity, of love, and of peace. Living Christmas is reflecting on how we can improve as people, as parents and children. This is also the invitation of our site.

Why is Christmas celebrated?
The word Christmas comes from the Latin 'nativita', which means birth. The reason for this festival centers on the birth of the Child Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph; for this reason it embraces a message of hope, union, peace and love.

When is Christmas celebrated?
Historians believe that the actual date the Child Jesus was born was in April or May, however, traditionally the Catholic Church celebrates it on December 25 and the Orthodox on January 7. During the season of Advent, which is the days before December 25, Christians prepare for that time by renewing their beliefs and commitments.

What makes Christmas holidays different from others?
On these holidays, houses, buildings, streets and squares are dressed in bright and colorful Christmas figures that make many hearts fill with new and renewed illusions and hopes.

Why is Christmas so important to children?
And for children, these Christmas parties are many moments of magic and fantasy. During Christmas various very significant events take place.

How is Christmas celebrated?
It is traditional to gather the whole family for dinner on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or Christmas or Three Kings Day; send and receive Christmas cards, 'Christmas', to our acquaintances to congratulate them on Easter; look forward to the arrival of Santa Claus and the wise men; assemble the Bethlehem and the Christmas tree; decorate windows, doors and walls with bells, candles, angels or any Christmas figurine. It will accompany you this Christmas and we have prepared for you some very simple and fun Christmas ideas: Christmas recipes, homemade Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, stories, jokes, etc. that will amuse the whole family.

Christmas guide for children and the whole family

Christmas poems for children. If you are looking for Christmas poems for children, on our site we have a selection of the best Christmas children's poems. They are poems about the Child Jesus, Santa Claus or the Portal of the Bethlehem. Poems that speak of the true meaning and spirit of the Christmas holidays.

Short dedications to congratulate Christmas. Beautiful dedications for Christmas greetings, postcards and cards to family and friends, on these special days, when feelings dominate our hearts. We have put together 21 short phrases so that you can send them to loved ones.

Christmas sayings for children. Series of Christmas sayings so that you can teach your children and understand the meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas! our site has selected some short sayings about Christmas. Sayings are a good resource for children to learn new words and enrich their language. Happy New Year!

Christmas stories for children. A selection of the best Christmas stories for children. Christmas stories that speak of values ​​and the true spirit of Christmas. our site talks about Christmas to children through stories. Christmas stories for children. Christmas represents a great opportunity for parents to tell stories and share a unique moment with their children, because Christmas is family, it is togetherness and a magical moment.

Christmas fables for children. On our site we offer you a selection of Christmas stories that contain a moral or an important lesson that we can transmit to our children. Christmas fables to make children reflect on the true meaning of the Christmas holidays.

Christmas phrases to congratulate family and friends. There are traditions that should never be lost. Among them is to congratulate on Christmas to the people we care about by means of a postcard. Either a physical card or by email. We offer you a series of postcards with Christmas messages so that you can congratulate all the people you love this Christmas.

Christmas handcrafts. Postcards and cards. Christmas postcard crafts for children. Personalized Christmas cards to send to your loved ones. Postcards made of cardboard and other materials to congratulate friends and family on Christmas. How to make Christmas postcards for children with cardboard.

Christmas songs or Christmas carols. Lyrics and videos for children. Christmas songs to make the Christmas night more cheerful and lively with the children. The Christmas carols most sung by children at Christmas. our site has selected the best Christmas songs for all the family and friends to share messages of hope and peace.

Christmas log recipes. If you like the Christmas log, here you will find recipes to your liking. Of cream, with truffle, with nougat ... The Tronco de Navidad admits many variations. Find the recipe that you like the most and the one you make will surely be successful. We teach you how to prepare various recipes for that traditional Christmas dessert.

Christmas jokes for children. Read these funny Christmas jokes for your children. our site invites you to tell Christmas jokes, to make children and the whole family laugh on Christmas holidays and night. Jokes about Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, nativity scenes and Christmas shopping.

Christmas recipes for the family. Christmas recipes for the whole family. The time has come to prepare the menu for Christmas and New Year's Eve dinner, on our site we offer you the best recipes to prepare a simple and tasty dinner that children and adults alike like. Easy and simple recipes to prepare.

Christmas carol karaoke on video for children. A selection of Christmas songs with which we have prepared a video Christmas carol karaoke for children with Traposo. On our site we have prepared a series of video karaokes starring the Traposo bear, with the most popular Christmas songs to sing as a family.

Santa Claus Christmas stories for children. Read with the children these Christmas Tales of Santa Claus, Santa Claus or Old Man Easter to tell the children. Stories that transmit values ​​such as generosity, kindness or solidarity. Enjoy these Christmas stories of Santa Claus for the whole family.

Christmas carol videos for children. December arrives and the first Christmas carols are already being heard in the streets. In Guiainfantil we have prepared for you a selection with the best Christmas carols videos, the favorite Christmas songs for children. And they do not come alone, they are accompanied by the Traposo bear.

Videos of Christmas crafts for children. Videos with the step by step to make card crafts and Christmas decorations. Here you have everything you need to decorate the Christmas holidays. Christmas crafts for children in these video tutorials. Learn with your children to make homemade Christmas decorations.

Christmas tongue twisters for children. our site brings you Christmas tongue twisters. Tongue twisters, also known as tongue twisters, are word games whose pronunciation out loud is made difficult by the repetition of a syllable. We suggest you play Christmas tongue twisters with the children.

Advent calendar with Christmas riddles for children. We propose an advent calendar of Christmas riddles to enjoy with the children at Christmas. We tell you Christmas riddles, with their answers, and we propose children's activities related to the riddles that we propose every day.

We wish you all a Happy Holidays!

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