The cruel teacher who reveals the identity of Santa Claus to children of 6 years

The cruel teacher who reveals the identity of Santa Claus to children of 6 years

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Since I was a mother I have lived Christmas in a special way. I put up the tree in November, I prepare special menus for family lunches and dinners, I write Christmas to grandparents, uncles and cousins, I sing Christmas carols with my daughters ... They are special and magical dates for both adults and children!

That is why I will never be able to understand cruel acts like that of a teacher in the United States who revealed the identity of Santa Claus to 6-year-old children. What did you gain from this behavior? Why did he do it?

In these days leading up to December 25, in most schools in the world, teachers and students work on Christmas: values ‚Äč‚Äčthat children can learn, traditions from other countries, crafts to do at school and at home ... What nobody expected - because it may not be her role - is for a teacher to talk to younger students about the true identity of Santa Claus.

And this, surprising as it may be, is what happened in a school in the United States when a teacher told her 6-year-old students the following: "Santa Claus is not real, he does not exist, it is parents who buy the gifts and then put them under the Christmas tree".

I don't want to imagine the faces of those poor 6-year-olds hearing these words. Disappointment, anger, anger, rage ... Too many emotions for sensitive hearts!

But, not happy with what she had done, this teacher went further. He told them that reindeer couldn't fly and that elves were really fantasy dolls that were placed on the shelves in the houses. "Forget about magic, it doesn't exist!" He snapped.

But how magic exists and more at Christmas, students from a journalism class near this school volunteered to write individualized and personalized letters to the children from the North Pole itself as part of their project.

There is no doubt, the magic of Christmas is real and is shown in acts of kindness and love for loved ones and for strangers, such as these students.

Lisa Simek, the mother of one of the girls who heard such a cruel story, published a post on Facebook telling what happened and the comments were not long in coming. Perhaps, what strikes me the most as a mother, is that the vast majority of opinions were aimed at "stop lying to children" and tell them the truth once and for all.

The controversy is served: should we tell the children who he really is Santa Claus since the beginning? When is the most recommended age for it? How to do it?

In my case, I am going to delay the moment as long as I can because I believe that when we do it, a new stage in the child's life begins, a phase in which the illusion is lost a little, and it is already the life cruel and hard enough to lose a dose of magic and charm. When and how will I do it?

- I will show you that magical letter written by Santa Claus that other parents have in their possession and in which Santa Claus asks the oldest for help to deliver gifts to all the children of the world. He is already very old and cannot.

- It will also be a good time to talk about Christmas traditions and that this is one more that is lived at this time of year.

- Any questions you may have, ask Mom and Dad! We are and will always be with her. (Here will come a strong hug).

- As there are more children at home, after the conversation, I will ask my eldest daughter to be my "accomplice" so that the little girl does not find out. It will be very fun!

- And of course I will tell you that magic exists and that it is up to us to maintain life.

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