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Meaning of name Valeria - Name for girls

Meaning of name Valeria - Name for girls

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If you want to know if the name Valeria is a good option to consider when choosing a name for your baby, we show you all the necessary information and details so that you know everything about this beautiful name. The name Valeria, although it has not been a name that has aroused much interest from parents, the truth is that it has grown a lot in popularity in recent years. In You will be able to know, in addition to the origin and meaning of Valeria, what day her name day is celebrated, what famous people carry this name, as well as names combine with Valeria, and other curiosities.

Valeria is the feminine variant of the name Valerio (less frequent). It is of Latin origin and comes from 'valerius' which means 'healthy', 'robust', 'strong', 'vigorous', 'which is courageous'. So now you know, if you choose this name for your girl, she may be brave, smart, hard-working, and always ready to do new things.

Tell the story that Saint Valeria of Milan, belonged to a noble family. Venerated as a saint and martyr of the Catholic Church, she was the wife of Saint Vital and mother of Saints Gervasio and Protasio. Her husband, an army officer, was martyred and murdered in Ravenna, Italy. Upon returning to Milan with the body of her husband, Valeria was seized by a group of pagan Romans who forced her to choose between abandoning the Christian life or dying. She refused to abjure Catholicism and was martyred for giving Christian burial to other Christian martyrs and for failing to worship Roman gods.

For this reason, the Catholic Church venerates her and dedicates the April 28, as the saints of the existence of Saint Valeria, Gallic martyr of the third century.

Actresses, singers, models ... there are many well-known and famous women who are named after Valeria:

  • Valeria Mazza, model (1972)
  • Valeria Golino, actress (1966)
  • Valerie Perrine, actress (1943)
  • Valerie Harper, actress (1940)
  • Valeria Lynch, Argentine actress and singer of Pop, rock, tango (1952)
  • Valeria Gastaldi, Argentine actress and singer (1981)

If you are going to choose the name Valeria for your girl, it would be nice to know what the numbers say of who has this name. The name Valeria, by the sum of the numbers that corresponds to them, belongs to the number 5, in numerology. Know the good and bad characteristics of this profile.

Good Features: They are usually babies who stand out for their activity, great energy and desire to learn. They have quick thinking and a great ability to learn new things. They are usually friendly and become the center of attention.

Bad features: In the same way that they are usually babies with great charisma, if they are not given limits, they can become arrogant and even cruel children. You need to pay more attention to them and teach them values ​​such as respect and understanding for others. Their dynamism can also work against them, by exhausting their caregivers and parents.

Among the compound names in which there is the name Valeria in the first or second place, we highlight the most popular:

- Name Valeria before:

  • Valeria Alba
  • Valeria Beatriz
  • Valeria Ines
  • Valeria Lucia
  • Valeria Maria

- Name Valeria after:

  • Ana Valeria
  • Juana Valeria
  • Lara valeria
  • Maria Valeria
  • Nuria Valeria

Do you know how to pronounce the name Valeria in other languages? Contrary to what happens with many other names that vary greatly in writing from one language to another, the name of Valeria has few variations. We tell you, to follow:

  • Valeria in English: Valerie or Valeria
  • Valeria in French: Valérie
  • Valeria in Russian: Valeriya
  • Valeria in the other languages, as Portuguese, German and Italian, it is written the same: Valeria

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