9 phrases with values ​​from Toy Story that will leave a mark on children

9 phrases with values ​​from Toy Story that will leave a mark on children

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We have all seen the Toy Story movie saga and have surely been moved by its fun and powerful stories of friendship, perseverance and brotherly love. All of them make us reflect on how we manage our own family dynamics and give us some ingenious ideas to improve it. But, in addition, these films also leave powerful messages that influence the little ones in their day to day life. Below I have compiled some of the phrases with values ​​of Toy Story that, without a doubt, when you tell your children they will leave an indelible mark on them.

Children learn in the funnest way possible, literally. The more entertaining the teaching, the better retention the learning will have. And what better way to teach values ​​to children than through a movie? I remember that, as a child the Toy Story movies made me laugh and moved me so much for Buzz and Woody's strong friendship.

Now as an adult, I can see that the message of Toy Story goes further as it teaches children how to join groups, the consequences of treating someone badly or discriminating against them just for being different, the value of a friendship that really supports you, about responsibility, recognizing that we all make mistakes and the importance of making up for these mistakes in order to have everyone's forgiveness and forgive ourselves.

Perhaps all these teachings sound a bit complicated for a child to understand, but believe me, that with the right parental guidance and as time goes by, these teachings will be clarified and will acquire wisdom.

1. To infinity ... And beyond!
The most famous phrase in the movie. This not only represents Buzz's motto, but throughout the entire trajectory, it makes us understand that we must always dream big and never give up.

2. That's not flying, that's ... Fall in style!
Although Woody uses this phrase to make fun of Buzz for his flight function, Buzz himself gives us a new message by using it to refer to the fact that we can do something well, very well, but you always have to be humble instead of arrogance when show it off.

3. Being a toy is better than being a space guardian
When Buzz realizes his true role, he accepts it and appreciates it. This leaves us with a beautiful teaching of loving ourselves as we are instead of being someone else, just out of social acceptance.

4. You have saved us, we are grateful!
The fun and lovable aliens from Pizza Planeta leave us this simple but beautiful value of always being grateful for what we have, what we get, and those who are kind to us. Giving thanks is one of the most important values ​​because you recognize the work of the other.

5. Don't worry Woody, in a few hours you'll be sitting by a campfire roasting malicious cross-eyed
Although it was a funny goodbye, Buzz did not always have a good vocabulary and this teaches us that it is okay to make mistakes, especially in childhood, because there will always be the opportunity to fix it. It also teaches us that not everything is perfect, despite his appearance as a powerful intergalactic guardian.

6. Andy, you must understand that toys are not forever
Unfortunately, things do not always last, but we can take the best memories and teachings of it inside us and do something useful with it in the future. Just like Andy did, donating his toys.

7. When someone loved me, everything was so happy ...
A painful memory for Jessie, it turns into a permanent trauma, after the abandonment of her former owner. However, we should not see it in a negative way, but as a way to always get up in the face of adversity. It also brings a powerful message about never being dependent on another person, but encouraging independence from childhood.

8. I can't stop Andy from growing up, but I won't miss him for the world.
Woody leaves us this phrase with values ​​for both children and parents, about accepting the changes that come with growth and the new stages that children must go through. But this does not mean that they cannot accompany them on the road.

9. He is Woody, he was my friend for as long as I can remember. He is brave, like any good cowboy. And clever, and gentle, but what makes Woody special is that he will never abandon you ... Never. He will be with you whatever happens.
One, or perhaps, the phrase that most moved us in the third part of the film, when the inevitable moment of goodbye between Andy and Woody arrives. What they teach us here is that even though we should get away from someone we love and it hurts, we should always want the best for that person, save the beautiful moments, and move on with positivity.

What's your favorite line from Toy Story? Which one will you teach your children?

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