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Daniela: origin and meaning of the name for girl Daniela

Daniela: origin and meaning of the name for girl Daniela

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Any name you choose for your little one is going to be special. First, because you, her mother, have chosen him, and second, because your daughter is the being you love the most in this world, even more than you. Still, by your head, there is a name that has been appearing for a long time: Daniela, Daniela, Daniela. Find out about its entire history, its origin, its meaning, a lot of other curiosities and ... make the decision to choose it or not for your baby!

Daniela is a name of Hebrew origin (it comes from two wordsgive -judgment- andHe -Dios-), which means 'justice of God', a quality that accompanies these girls and makes them have a special personality. Its popularity in recent years is due, in part, to the interest that its male form, Daniel, has awakened in many new parents and to the history that it contains, since Saint Daniel was one of the major prophets. In his time he had a reputation for being wise, just and capable of interpreting dreams.

How do we know what you want to know when does Daniela celebrate her saintWe will tell you that it does not have a specific date that celebrates a special commemoration, that is why July 21 was chosen, the same day that Daniel celebrates his name day. One month, July, where the saints of girls predominate more than boys, such as Carmen, Cristina, Magdalena, Marta, Aroa or Brígida.

Are you looking for a name that combines with Daniela because you are clear that yours are compound names? There are many possibilities and, the best thing, you can choose if you want Daniela to go first or later. Take note!

Name Daniela at the beginning

  • Daniela Paola. This second proposal is an Italian variation of Paula and means 'the one that is small'.
  • Daniela Cristina. Cristina has a very religious connotation: the woman who follows Christ.
  • Daniela Cecilia. Of Italian origin, it translates as 'the little blind woman'.
  • Daniela Carolina. It comes from Carlos and Carla and refers to the strength of the person who carries it.
  • Daniela Sofia. Of Greek origin, it means wisdom.

Daniela names at the end

  • Laura Daniela. Laura, a name with a mixture of Latin and Greek origin, means victorious.
  • Karen Daniela. Karen is short for Katherine and means purity.
  • Jessica Daniela. Of Slavic origin, Jessica is the daughter of God.
  • Maria Daniela. And, of course, in these possible combinations the most common girl's name could not be missing: Mary, who is the mother of God.
  • Ana Daniela. Full of grace or compassionate, that would be the translation of Ana, a name that suits Daniela very well.

Being such a universal name, there are not many variations by countries. Even so, we highlight the most common ones and we tell you that in some languages, such as Polish, the masculine Daniel is used to designate both sexes.

  • Daniela in French: Danielle or Danielé
  • Daniela in Italian: Daniella
  • Daniela in Hungarian: Danita
  • Daniela in Romanian: Dana
  • Daniela in English: Danielle or Daniella

Each letter -vocal or consonant- of Daniela's name hides a digit (D4, A1, N5, I9, E5, L3 and A1). If you add all of them until there is only one left, the result will be a 2, a number that reveals a lot about the character and personality of this little girl. Do you want to discover what traits are most common in girls with this name?

- Positive characteristics
They are very cooperative and very social girls, who like to be independent. They are usually people who, from a very young age (in kindergarten), will get used to sharing everything and participating in each of the activities that are proposed. Despite all these qualities, sometimes and especially when it comes to their things, they can be shy and introverted.

- Negative characteristics
It is difficult for them to confront each other and, also, to opt for one side or another, something that goes against their philosophy of creating a friendly atmosphere within a group. Another trait that they will have to work with over time will be their self-esteem problems, since they will consider others better than her and, in more than one circumstance, they will allow themselves to be influenced and do things they are not proud of.

Being a name that has become fashionable with the generation of millennials, even today there are not many famous people who are called that, although there are some who, unwittingly, are in the spotlight, such as the daughter by Paula Echevarría and David Bustamante.

  • Daniela Cardone, model (1967).
  • Danielle Darrieux, actress (1917).
  • Daniela Braga, Brazilian model (1992).
  • Daniela Barcellona, ​​Italian opera singer (1969).
  • Daniela Alvarado, Venezuelan actress (1981).
  • Daniela Mercury, Brazilian singer, songwriter and dancer (1965).
  • Daniela Hantuchová, Slovak tennis player (1983).

And we end this analysis with the Daniela's name with a series of situations that, in all probability, can happen to your daughter if in the end you opt for this name:

1. Being such a beautiful name, did you know that Daniela has a lot of diminutives? Dani, Nani, Ela, Nana ...

2. Another circumstance that girls called like that face when they have to give their name for a registration or an administrative procedure is that more than one person asks how Daniela spells, with one or two l?

3. And what would happen when you are introduced to a new group? Most will assume that you are Italian or have relatives there.

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