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Mini appetizer pizzas recipe for your children's princess party

Mini appetizer pizzas recipe for your children's princess party

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Pizza is one of the 10 favorite foods for children, and it is not surprising! Therefore, it is one of those appetizers for children's birthday parties with which you can be sure that you are going to succeed. Therefore, in our site we teach you to prepare a rich recipe for mini pizzas to put them as an aperitif or snack in your children's party of princesses and princes. And, how could it be otherwise, they are shaped like a crown!

Since the preparation process is simple, we suggest that you cook this delicious pizza recipe with two flavors: tomato and barbecue with your children. They can't be missing at your theme party!


  • Pizza base
  • Tomato sauce
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Grated mozzarella
  • Sliced ​​cheddar
  • Bacon
  • Pitted black olives
  • york ham
  • mushroom
  • corn

Its delicious baked and crisp bread together with the sauces and ingredients make the pizzas an irresistible mix for everyone; It is also an easy food to eat because it is not necessary to use cutlery.

We kicked off this delicious recipe for real mini pizzas! Are you ready? Below we detail the step by step for the type of pizzitas that we have prepared. But remember that you can customize the recipe with the ingredients that you like the most. Hands to the dough!

1. To start preparing this recipe for mini pizzas in the shape of a crown, you have to roll out the pizza dough and cut it into rectangles. We have selected a cereal dough, but you can use the dough that you like best, you can even make your own homemade pizza dough! Would you dare with a cauliflower dough? It is simple to prepare and, in addition, it is healthier.

Next, cut the rectangles you just obtained in half, and shape each half into a crown. For this you just have to cut 3 spikes at the top, as we show you in the photo.

2. We are going to make mini pizzas in 2 different flavors! Although you can always let your imagination (and palate) fly and prepare thousands of more flavors for your appetizers. For our first option, we must spread a layer of tomato sauce and add a second coat of mozzarella and ham or sweet ham.

Then add a handful of mushrooms previously well washed and chopped and black pitted olives cut into slices (important to cut the olives to avoid choking scares). And our first choice of minipizzas is ready! You can prepare the number of mini pizzas you want with these ingredients, but be careful! We start with the second option and it has barbecue sauce! They are ideal for your princess and prince themed party.

3. Your most exquisite guests will love this second version of mini princess pizzas. Start by spreading a thin layer of tomato sauce and then add another layer of barbecue sauce.

To continue add mozarrella, bacon cut into strips and corn. They look delicious!

You can turn some pizzas into extra cheese by cutting a crown-shaped slice of cheddar cheese and placing it on top.

4. Now that you have your two types of pizzas ready, it is time to cook them. For it, Pre-heat the oven and place the pizzas on the tray on greaseproof paper. If you've used a pre-cooked dough, follow the manufacturer's instructions for baking.

5. Generally, In less than 15 minutes you will get crispy, tasty and original homemade mini pizzas in the shape of a crown.To highlight the characteristic golden touch of the crowns of princes and princesses with jewels, you have to finish decorating the pizzas that you turned into extra cheese with corn and place a slice of cheese in the shape of a crown on the rest of the mini pizzas.

Enjoy them!

Surely just thinking about how rich they have to be these mini princess pizzas your mouth is watering, right? It has happened to us too! But, if you want to put more varied flavors so that all the guests at your children's party find their favorite type of pizza, take note of the following recipes that we propose. You can adapt them by cutting the base in the shape of a crown as we have taught you to do before.

- Turkish Pizza Recipe
Originality to power! What if you prepared a delicious Turkish pizza as an appetizer? If you get this recipe right (which is easy to prepare, by the way) they will remember your princess party as 'the one in which there were some delicious pizzas'. To prepare this Turkish pizza recipe, you need ingredients such as onion, tomato, minced meat, or sweet paprika. You will love it!

- A vegetarian pizza, yes!
A vegetable pizza can be a good way for children to try vegetables that they tend to reject. You can put all kinds of vegetables you want: spinach, pepper, asparagus ... Also, if you prepare this pizza with gluten-free ingredients, it can also be eaten by celiac children you invite.

- A rich aubergine pizza
A good option that incorporates ingredients such as aubergine or zucchini. You'll see how quickly it disappears from your party's snack table. Everyone will want to try the recipe!

- And for dessert, chocolate pizza
To satisfy the hunger of those with a sweet tooth, you can prepare some pizzas in the shape of crowns of princes and princesses that have chocolate as the protagonist. Accompany it with strawberries to make it even more delicious. Do you know the recipe for this chocolate pizza?

Don't think twice and go ahead and prepare this delicious children's recipe to taste with your fingers. At this point we can only tell you that you enjoy your wonderful (and succulent) children's princess party a lot !!

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