12 short thematic dictations about sport to do with children

12 short thematic dictations about sport to do with children

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Doing just one dictation exercise a day brings many benefits to children, including adopting correct spelling, knowing grammar rules, checking spelling, and improving memory and concentration. Of course, for this to be so, they have to propose texts that are to their liking. How about doing with your students some short thematic lectures on sport? Let's see them!

We are going to first see a famous poem that is an ode to football and a few motivational phrases that deal with sports. If the poem is too long, divide it and you will have material for two days and if the sentences seem short to you, group them two by two. As a second point, we are going to see some dictations that I myself have prepared to do with my six-year-old at home, It is not to show off but, you have loved them!

Remember to dictate slowly emphasizing the most complicated words and also remember to correct the exercise with them in front and clarify all your doubts.

1. 'Ode a Platko', by Rafael Alberti

Nor the sea,

that in front of you jumped without being able to defend you.

Not the rain. Not even the wind, which was the loudest.

Not the sea, not the wind, Platko,

blood platko blond,

goalkeeper in the dust,

lightning rod.

No nobody, nobody, nobody.

Blue and white t-shirts, on the air.

Real t-shirts,

contrary, against you, flying and crawling.

Platko, distant Platko,

blond Platko cut out,

burning tiger in the grass of another country.

Add more motivational phrases related to the world of sports to have plenty of material. You can propose to your little ones to illustrate the dictation on the back of the page. You'll see how imaginative they are!

2. 'Do not measure yourself by what you have achieved, but by what you should have achieved with your ability'. John Wooden.

3. 'Excellence is not an act of a day, but a habit. You are what you repeat many times. ' Shaquille O'Neal.

4. 'Success is when preparation and opportunity meet'. Bobby Unser.

5. 'When you think about quitting, think about why you started.' Mike Jovanni.

6. 'What you lack in talent you can make up for with desire, spirit and giving 110 percent all the time.' Don Zimmer.

7. 'The difference between the impossible and the possible depends on the will of a man.' Tommy Lasorda.

8. 'Sport does not build character. It reveals it. ' Heywood Broun.

With these texts the children will review the use of the past tense and the use of hyphens as well as different grammatical rules that are studied in the first years of primary school.

9. The basketball game was going to end, the referee was about to whistle, so Marcos didn't think twice: he took the ball from his opponent and threw it towards the basket. The ball hung around the hoop for a few seconds that seemed endless. Even the audience had to hold their breath! Finally the ball went in and the referee blew his whistle. They had won the match!

10. - This weekend I'm going for a run with my mother. What are you going to do? - Abel told his friend Sofía.

"Well, I think the four of us are going to ride a bike, my father, my mother, my brother and I," Sofia replied.

- Your brother? But if it is a baby- Abel said something strange.

- My father climbs on the back of his bike, he is delighted! And our dog Paco also comes with us, but he is running. - Sofia said.

"Now I understand it," said Abel with a smile on his face.

11. Once upon a time there was a very active child who had a hard time sitting in class for a long time. All children have a lot of energy, but Mateo's case was a little different. He liked to be running around all the time and of course, as we all know, when the teacher is explaining the lesson that can't be done.

One day a tennis player came to class and when he met Mateo and saw how he was, he approached him and said: 'I was just as active as you when I was little, do you know what helped me a lot? Do sport!' And boy did it help him, this player, in addition to being a tennis professional, has a career in science. It was advice that worked wonders for our dear friend Mateo.

12. The cat plays tennis super well. The lion is great at racing through the jungle. The tiger prefers to play pass ball with his friend the chimpanzee. Meanwhile, not far from there, the whale, the dolphin and a tiny fish have a great time swimming and doing pirouettes. What fun it is to do team sports!

We love thematic dictations!

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