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The simple routine that will put children to sleep in 10 minutes

The simple routine that will put children to sleep in 10 minutes

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How many times have you put your children to bed and, after two minutes, have you heard them shouting from their bed 'I'm not sleepy', 'I'm nervous',' I want water ',' I can't sleep '... or any other call for' help 'because they can't fall asleep. It seems that a study carried out in the United States has found a key that would help children fall asleep faster. It is a simple routine that will get you children fall asleep in 10 minutes Or, at the very least, it will help speed up the process of falling asleep.

The key is... a hot bath or shower between one and two hours before going to bed!

A shower? That easy? That seems to have concluded the ‘Before-bedtime passive body heating by warm shower of bath improve sleep: A systematic review and meta analysis’ conducted by researchers such as Haghayegh from the University of Texas at Austin for the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews.

This bath should have the water temperature between 104 and 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which corresponds to 40-42.5 degrees. Very warm! Only in this way, according to this research, sleep is improved. But, if we also take this bath between one and two hours, these experts assure the process of falling asleep is accelerated, nothing more and nothing less than, 10 minutes (on average).

And how could this 'little miracle' take place? Everything is possible thanks to our circadian clock (the one that 'organizes' our sleep and our wakefulness, among other things) and how our body temperature (which changes after taking a warm bath) affects it. In addition (and this is my contribution) the bathrooms and showers are an antidote to stressBecause you have a little time, even if it's short, to yourself.

To reach these conclusions, researchers have analyzed thousands of previous trials studying the benefits of hot water to relax the body. It should be noted that this study speaks at all times of adults, which confirms that you too can benefit from the effects of a hot bath before going to bed. Live!

If you think that this hot bath trick is not enough to make your children fall asleep faster, here are more tips that will help them:

1. Blessed routine
We adults often associate the word routine with something negative, but for children there is nothing better! To get them to sleep faster, always put them to bed at the same time. In addition, all children, according to their age, need a minimum number of hours of sleep at night and routine is a good way to ensure that they are reached every day.

2. Prepare a calm environment
Sleep hygiene experts recommend preparing the room in which children sleep at a good temperature, with little lighting, avoiding anything that might make noise, etc.

3. Always follow the same ritual
If you carry out the same ritual every day before going to sleep, the child will know when to go to bed. For example: bath, dinner, story, sleep.

4. Prepare a quiet activity before bed
Before going to sleep, all stimuli must be turned off, such as the mobile phone, the tablet, the television and, of course, the game console. To help your little ones relax, it is best to organize a quiet activity, such as reading a story all together.

5. Sing them a lullaby!
In We have many lullabies that help children to fall asleep better by allowing them to relax and feel comfortable. Do you dare to sing them yourself?

6. Accompany your children to overcome their fears
If the cause of your children's sleepless nights are their nighttime fears, accompany them so that they end up overcoming it. They need to feel supported and know that they can come to you at any time. There are different techniques to help them, for example, fairy dust. It consists of giving them a jar with a little flour, powdered chalk or glitter (try to make it ecological to take care of the planet). We will make a spell so that the child knows that all his fears have disappeared thanks to the magic of the fairies.

7. Do you know the 4-7-8 technique?
This is a way (useful for both children and adults) that helps us control our breathing and, in this way, relax to sleep. To carry it out you have to:

  • Breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds.
  • Hold the air in the lungs for 7 seconds.
  • Expel the air for 8 seconds.

Hence it is called the 4-7-8 technique.

8. The child is learning to sleep
Keep in mind that, from the moment they are born, children also have to 'learn' to sleep. Little by little they regulate their sleep, until they manage to sleep through the night at once (the most dreamed of moment by all parents). Therefore, be patient!

Shhh ... Good night!

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