Going back to breastfeeding with your baby after a while is possible

Going back to breastfeeding with your baby after a while is possible

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If you stopped breastfeeding and now you want go back to breastfeeding with your babyYou have to know that it is not impossible. A process known as relactation begins, which consists of establishing different techniques for the little one to suck and thus your milk production can be the same. Here we tell you more!

The WHO recommends feeding children during the first 6 months of life with exclusive breastfeeding, starting at 6 months that it is supplemented 'plus unsubstituted' with safe and timely food, and if possible to maintain it until 2 years or more .

It is no secret to anyone that breastfeeding is full of myths, therefore it is always recommended that mothers seek timely information regarding the stage of breastfeeding, to make it more bearable and learn to identify different situations that may put it at risk. .

One of these situations may be that the woman stops breastfeeding for a while and, after that break, wants to regain it, which is what is known as relactation. Relactation is nothing more than restarting or reestablishing breastfeeding when due to any situation (like the ones I list below) has been suspended.

In which cases is relactance spoken:

- Personal situations.

- Some maternal health condition.

- Lack of knowledge or mistrust in the mother to believe that she does not produce enough milk for her child to fill up and begins to resort to the use of infant formulas.

- That mother who chose to give infant formula and then wants to breastfeed.

- Work or emotional reasons.

- Low birth weight babies with ineffective sucking.

- Babies who are born prematurely and deserve to be hospitalized, or mothers who have been separated from their baby because they required hospitalization.

- Women who adopt children also go through this process, but we do not call it relactation but 'induction of lactation'.

Relactance is a process that, although it seems difficult in some cases, does not make it impossible. The success of relactation depends on several factors, including the disposition of the mother and security, patience and self-confidence.

This strong desire to want to feed your child, the stimulation of the breasts and the nipple, and the child's willingness to suckle, as well as the time that has elapsed since he last breastfed, will be decisive in carrying out a successful relactation process. . Also, of course, good advice from the health staff and the support of the family group, especially the mother's partner.

Regarding the time it takes to produce breast milk, or at least enough of it, it varies from one woman to another, and it is actually a time that cannot be predicted, but it will fluctuate from days to weeks. Each body is different and this will make some women achieve it more quickly than others.

The technique to carry out the relactation process is done through a 'relactator' or 'lactation supplement'. This consists of a container (it can be a bottle or bag) by means of which a plastic tube (probe) is attached to which it is connected and left next to the nipple.

The mother can hold it in her hand or hang around her neck, so that when the child sucks, milk comes out (either expressed or formula) and in this way stimulates milk production. As you already know, milk production depends on suction: the higher the suction, the higher the production.

The other technique, called the 'drip technique', consists of sticking the child to the mother's breast and with a syringe or medicine dispenser dripping expressed breast milk or formula into her breast, which causes the child to suck and stimulate production. milk. Finally there is the 'mechanical or manual extraction'. If the child, for any reason, refuses to breastfeed, the mother will have to express milk and offer it in a glass, glass and teaspoon or with the tube-spoon.

Remember, relactance is a process, and processes take time. You must trust yourself that you can achieve it and arm yourself with a lot of patience.

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