31 messages from Santa Claus full of illusion for children at Christmas

31 messages from Santa Claus full of illusion for children at Christmas

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Every year, we write a letter to Santa Claus thanking him for all the gifts he brought us last year and asking for more wishes for this year. But if he wrote a letter to us, what would he say to us? Surely they would not all be missing these messages from Santa Claus for children. Pass them on to your children to increase their illusion this Christmas.

Let's see, one by one, some of the most special messages from Santa Claus for all of us to reflect. They convey a great Christmas spirit, but also some values ​​that we cannot forget during these days.

1. Ho, Ho, Ho! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, because it is the time when we all meet again. Santa Claus! The goblins! The reindeer! Children!

2. Santa Claus and all the elves are nervous about the days left until Christmas Eve. They are less and less!

3. Solidarity, hope, joy ... This is Christmas.

4. Before the BIG day arrives, my elves and I have done a lot of work: making the toys, taking care of the reindeer as they deserve, making lots of Christmas cookies. But we have the best gasoline and the best motivation: the smiles of all the children of the world!

5. Don't forget that you can ask for gifts for other children in your letter. I will get them from you.

6. Do you know which is the best decoration for this Christmas? Your smile!

7. This Christmas I have a very special gift, the most special you will ever receive, A good handful of Christmas spirit!

8. Do you know what my favorite word for Christmas is? Family! Love! Delusion! I can't keep just one ...

9. If there is something that we can never get out of our heads these days, it is the word hope: hope to achieve what we want, hope to achieve our dreams, hope to receive all the love we need ... And at Christmas! more than ever!

10. Shhh ... don't tell anyone. Under the tree I will leave you a little bit of my magic. You can use it however you want, but I like to use it to make other people happy.

11. Remember that I will always be in your heart, even in summer!

12. Don't forget to put your socks on this Christmas! Even if you don't see me, I always try them on and take the opportunity to warm my feet while I'm at your house. It's so cold outside!

13. This year, you don't have to welcome me home with cookies, I prefer your love!

14. At Christmas, gifts are not as important as family time. What are you going to ask yourself this year?

15. Do not be nervous about the gifts you will have at Christmas, because it will not let you enjoy the Christmas spirit.

16. There is always something very special that we can give to the people we love: a big big smile.

17. Santa Claus asks you to leave your phone parked and enjoy Christmas. You are going to miss it!

18. Loaded with illusion, we will get where we want. Yes! Also at your house.

19. Never, never, never, stop believing.

20. Sometimes adults need you children to remind them that Christmas is the most important thing: spending time together!

Next, we continue detailing some messages full of love that Santa Claus would like to send to all the little ones.

21. Do you know the true meaning of Christmas? Love and illusion!

22. Do you know why red is the color of christmas? Because it is also that of love!

23. Give your parents a hug, you don't have to wait for Christmas day.

24. Neither mobile, nor tablet, nor game console ... This Christmas, the best gift is to give a lot of love to your loved ones. Santa Claus does it!

25. At Christmas we are in solidarity. But we also have to be the rest of the year. You are?

26. Do you know why I have such a fat belly? Because I have it full of love.

27. Santa Claus loves you just as you are, and even if you were in another way, he would also love you very much

28. Nostalgia, Love, Virtue, Illusion, Dedication, Joy, Fun ... The ingredients of Christmas.

29. Do you know what the energy of my reindeer is? All your wishes!

30. Would you like to know what gifts you are going to receive this Christmas? I'm still thinking about it but there is something I'm sure I'm going to bring you: lots of love for everyone!

31. Christmas is the perfect excuse to celebrate lifeWhat are you celebrating this year?

Now that we have read all these messages that Santa Claus could send us, let's get to know him a little more. Here we have compiled some curiosities about Santa Claus that you might not know yet. Tell your child everything to convey even more excitement for his arrival.

- Who was Santa Claus?
There are different theories, but the most widespread explanation places Bishop San Nicolás de Bari as the inspiration for the current character of Santa Claus. This religious went down in history for his solidarity and help to the neediest children. He is a highly revered saint, so much so that today, some of his relics are in the Basilica of San Nicolás in Bari (Italy).

- Other names of Santa Claus
Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas Santa, Old Easter, Colacho or San Nicolás are some of the most widespread names for this endearing Christmas character.

- How long is Santa Claus in each house?
Doing calculations, with all the houses that the old man passes with his sleigh, he only has time to spend a thousandth of a second in each one. Luckily the time difference works in your favor!

- 'The friends' of Santa Claus
Santa Claus is not the only one who brings gifts to children at Christmas. You may know the Three Wise Men, but did you know that Italian children are visited by a witch they call Befana? In some areas of Spain such as Aragon or Catalonia, there is talk of the magic trunk of Tió or Cagatió. In the Basque Country and Navarra (in the north of Spain) it is the Olentzero who brings the gifts. In many other Latin American countries it is the Little Boy God who has something very special for the little ones.

At first, Santa Claus was initially seen in countries like Spain or Mexico as a foreign influence against local traditions like the Three Kings. This is explained in a study entitled 'Santa Claus against the Magi', by Susana Sosenski from the Institute for Historical Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. However, little by little it has become part of their own culture.

- Why is Santa Claus dressed in red?
The image of Santa Claus has changed a lot throughout history: from a thin man to the fat old man with a beard that we know today. This image has been greatly influenced by advertising vignettes and illustrations. It is often said that the red color of the clothing is due to a well-known soft drink brand, but the truth is that there are already previous images in which Santa Claus wore this color.

- Santa's reindeer
Rodolfo, Trueno, Veloz, Jumping ... By their names, we would say that all of Santa's reindeer are male. However, taking into account that in all the images we see of the sled they have antlers, they would have to be female. And it is that by December, when they distribute the gifts with Santa, the males have lost their horns. Could it be the magic of Old Pascuero?

- Santa Claus is the protagonist of many stories
The magic of Santa Claus has reached many of the most special stories of Christmas. For this reason, on our site we invite you to enjoy our compilation of Christmas stories.

Merry Christmas!

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