Healthy habits for children through games and toys

Healthy habits for children through games and toys

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Toys are excellent tools for educating children. But the toy is just an object, one more thing in your room if it is not given a function. Toy without play is a nonsense thing. So when you give your child a toy, consider what he will learn by playing with it. Playing is an avenue for early stimulation, for the healthy growth of children.

Children are healthier through play. Gambling can prevent wrong behaviors, as well as avoid problems such as childhood obesity, creating healthy habits from the earliest childhood.

How to create good habits in children through games and toys? Apart from all the capacities and abilities that play tends to awaken in children, there are customs that will remain forever if we stimulate them through play.

1. To move
There is nothing better, especially when children are very young, than stimulating their body mobility. The game teaches and helps children to move their hands, fingers, to grasp or shake objects. The game makes them practice movement and action, and keeps them from being sedentary.

2. To know that everything has cause and effect
From an early age it is important that children develop the habit of taking care of themselves, of thinking before doing anything. Each decision has its consequences, and that is why they should be cautious with some actions.

3. To share
The game invites children to social interaction. To acquire the knowledge and the habit of interacting, of sharing smiles, sorrows, and learning. With each game, children learn something new, fun and educational. And so they learn to be more sociable.

4. To know how to lose and win
Knowing how to win or lose is not easy for an adult, imagine for children. But knowing that you can lose or win and take it only as a game, as an invitation to improve or to keep up, is a very positive learning habit.

5. To value what you have
If after playing, we teach children to collect and store toys, each in its place, we will be creating a good habit and a habit for life. Children learn to value and care for their toys.

6. To follow rules and regulations
Yes, all games have their rules and regulations. From that, children can learn the habit of following and respecting the rules. This will make it easier for them to understand the demands of homework, homework, etc.

7. To follow a healthy diet
Kitchen toys or playing cooking can be a good way to teach children the importance of making good food choices and eating healthy.

8. To bathe every day
Toys play an important role in bath time for children. Make bathing more fun for your child by providing water games and toys. This will help children create a good hygiene habit for life.

9. To relax
There are games and toys that invite children to paint, draw, do crafts ... These games are ideal for creating relaxation habits for children. Painting mandalas, making origami ... are games that become mental therapies for children, especially the restless and hyperactive.

10. To sleep well
Toys with music, lights or storytelling are ideal for strengthening children's sleep habits. Nothing better than listening to music, a story, and at the same time visualizing stars, flowers and other drawings on the wall of the room, to help children fall asleep. Sleep is an essential habit for the health of children.

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